Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


A great illusion and sacred cow is the notion that God is somewhere else. Common expressions of this subterfuge are that God is in a special place – like a church, or the front part of the church or at the altar (whatever that means in the new testament age) or in the pastor but not in the laity or in the worship leader or in the praise and worship service and less in the rest of the service, or in the Sabbath but not in Wednesday and Tuesday.

The truth is that Jesus is all and in all. Particularly so is HE IN YOU and in us. But not only us. The trinity makes their home in all who believe and where all believe. It is this ‘IN US’ that differentiates between the notional body and the actual Body of Christ. When you believe, you are part of Him. Then He and us reproduce the image of ourselves in the world.


Well that would be all of us who believe. Incarnation is the affirmation and authentication of your uniqueness, your Kingship over your domain and your priesthood as a son/daughter of God. Because God is and He is in you, you are who you are meant to be and doing what He means you to be doing. Pentecost, you and Father are one. Step into this, embrace it and together with the empowerment of Holy Spirit, expect to experience continual healing in yourself and be a boon to those you touch as a life-giving spirit.


God is not ‘out there.’ Not locked up in sacred days. Not dulled on weekdays. Not disempowered once you are out of your prayer closet, not bisected by notions of sacred and secular and not in the bread and the wine. The Bible is beneficial. It’s not Bible principles that change us however. It’s the person of Jesus sharing His Spirit with us and becoming us.

The Lord’s Table is the sign that you have eaten Jesus and that He lives in you, by the Spirit expressing His nature through you. You never have to be someone else or someplace else to be one with God. He is in you and with you – because He has made it so. Not because you have made it so.

If you are struggling with some sin you are better off to leave the obsession with the sin and concentrate on the fact that He has made you one with Himself and that He is the process of imparting His person to you. The bottom line is not your victory. It is His victory for you that counts. Richard Rohr observes,
“The belief that God is "out there," is the basic dualism that is tearing us all apart. That's why we have raped the earth, why we have such poor understanding of our bodies, our economy, and our health. That's why we live such distraught and divided lives. What is worse is that Jesus came precisely to put it all together. He said, "This, the human, is good. The material, the physical can be trusted. This world is the hiding place of God and the revelation of God." - Richard Rohr in Everything Belongs.