Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


The gospel of the Kingdom is Christ your life plain and simple. He is not only the fullness of the god-head bodily. The Word is the personification of Creation. Imagine this in you! Well we don’t have to imagine it. It is already so.


With Jesus as your life you are a son pure and simple. Joined to Father by the Son you are a son in spirit and in truth. In Him there are no barriers and sheathes of plastic around your spirit like law and religion. You have union with God. You are one with Father, one with yourself and you are your real self as designed before the foundation of the earth. You are coming into being in this age of the new creation. Accept no substitutes.

The other day my daughter showed me a video in which a man who could only see in black and white was given a present by his wife and daughter. They gave him the gift of colour in special glasses that rectified his black and white only visual disability. Like the man in the Bible, ‘I was blind but now I see.’

We can be Christians. Still blind and not see. Or see in black and white only because we live all our lives in the black and white and sometimes great squares of the law and old covenant. Because of vision is not whole, some of us have believed nonsense as truth all our lives and we are blind yet we think we can see.

If knowing God and Jesus Christ is our first priority Jesus will enter our blindness and cause an explosion of light from within. If we insist on an extra-Jesus identity and a Jesus plus salvation we will make it harder for Him to penetrate. The result may be that we will get to heaven but our bones will perish in the wilderness as we walk in circles while we are here. In Jesus is life and that life is the light of all.