Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Thankfully there are folks who are intolerant of humbug - the clinging to ideas and practices because they have always been their ideas and practices. A passion for life can frighten the adherents of humbug. It destabilises faith in the inadequate ideas from which they have patched together what they call 'their life.'

It's sad to think one could come to the end of their lives and realise they had never lived. Sadder still if one had never lived but thought one had. The Christ-life is largely invisible and strangely present. Invisible because it yields freedom, comfort and grace to the inner person, yet possessed of a mysterious power called spirit and life that touches people with heaven.

God sent His Son among us to disrupt degrading and limiting ideas that had been sown among us by the Father of Lies. Distorted ideas about God and ourselves are more than theological aberrations and intellectual anomalies. They are cunningly devised fables that spread like cancers in religious culture. They are doctrines of demons. Some resist such descriptions as being too confronting. But they are confronting to them because they have habitually made their lives out of these spiritual fictions.

Living from religion may appear harmless enough. Not really. Anything that dulls our spirit as does religion and insulates us from God and from our real selves. We can talk the spirit of sonship from a religious standpoint and live it out freely when Christ is our life. Sonship is less a belief and more a state of being. It is by realising and living in the fact that we and Father are one.

'On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you' John 14. 20.

Some have never realised this and exhibit no intention to do so. They would rather take things into their own hands, be their own person and as a result never be a real person at all. Real persons are always sons of God in spirit and in truth. In spirit and in truth because Christ is their life and as such they are one with trinity, enjoying their company and interwoven in their being.

Then there are other who like the dogged personalities of the hard right in the liberal party of Australia cannot give up their mistaken ideas and ersatz identities and so pass these fables onto the next generation. Such denial in the secular and spiritual sphere is a rejection of life and an accommodation to death. Paul called it for what it was - dragging around with us this body of death. What is it specifically in Christianity? It is a refusal to enter our inheritance in the new covenant because we have made a life with Adam and Moses in the old covenant.

You have a Source who is your beginning and your destiny. This is our alpha and omega in Jesus and our home and stepping forth to adventure from the life-hub of the trinity in which we live, move and have our being. We can define ourselves as Christians as adherents of this religion. Yet we are sons only when we and our Father are one. This union is ours simply by believing and stepping into the reality of Christ our life. Richard Rohr writes,

"If I had to give the most simple definition of a Christian, this is it: simply one who is consciously drawing upon their Source.

Not which rituals you perform. They're extraneous; they're all going to die.

Not which commandments you obey. That leaves you taking your own temperature of how worthy you are; it doesn't get you closer to God at all!

Paul made it very clear in Romans and Galatians that obeying commandments will not lead you to the experience of God. And yet I would bet 85 percent of Christians still think they're going to come to God by doing it right.

There's no evidence that this works. In fact, quite the contrary. This preoccupation with being right and doing it right usually creates-forgive me for being so blunt-anal-retentive personalities. They're usually judgmental, preoccupied with themselves, and very often not in love with God, in love with life, or in love with their fellow humans. Because you can obey commandments without being in the wildest wave alive." They belong to the great unhealed who would presume to display the advantages of Christianity.

Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation (Kindle Locations 3147-3155). SPCK. Kindle Edition.