Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


John declares, ‘Now we are the sons of God.’ This ‘now’ is the state of being that is us following the cross, the resurrection of Jesus and the outpouring of Holy Spirit. Sonship is the state of being sons in spirit and in truth rather than in prospect and potential. Now we are the sons of God in spirit and in truth.
Sons in Adam are different to sons in the Messiah. In the former sons were sons – yet separated sons. Today we live in union with God. This is our living in the Spirit of Sonship, the source of our being and root of our possessing the Spirit without limit.
People heard from God in the old testament. Moses saw the hind-parts of God.  Saul was initially filled with the Spirit of God, but not in the manner that people would be after the cross. David as a prophetic figure brought The Presence back to Israel and people worshiped the present God in a tent. David’s friendship with God and degree of intimacy is an example to us to day – except that all of us can have more of this intimacy than David had because Jesus’ relationship with Father is now our relationship.  
David’s relationship with God looked forward to the day when the Holy Family would inhabit the human tent of all who obeyed  Jesus’ teaching.  Obeyed what teaching?  That Jesus Himself is our life.
‘Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.’ John 14.23 NIV.
‘This teaching’ is more than a way of achieving some abstract righteousness; more than our doing a list of qualities and esteemed activities. It’s about the Fatherhood of God and the sonship of you. He is our righteousness because He is our life. This is the life of Father diffused in us as sons. This life is in you and by the Spirit is YOUR LIFE. He is always in you and always diffusing His nature into your person. He said, ‘Those who eat Me will live because of me and ‘Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you.’ Did you know that it is possible to give words of knowledge and heal folks in Jesus name – yet have almost none of this life? This is because our life in God surpasses ‘instruction.’ It’s about our transformation from workers to sons.
Today you are the expression of Jesus.
Elijah raised a boy to life. And John the Baptist proclaimed the Messiah as present among them. But Jesus said that all who came after the Baptist would be greater than John and any who came before. Why? Because following Pentecost Believers would be incarnated with God. In Jesus dwelt the fullness of the God-head bodily. Today this fullness dwells in you.
Holy Spirit came to Mary and she became pregnant with the son of God. Baby Jesus growing in Mary was the beginning of the incarnation and a prophetic figure of what could occur in the Believer in the new covenant age: Jesus by the Spirit growing in us and by doing so, driving out Adam and filling us with Himself.  The Son of God as Jesus of Nazareth was the witness and prelude to God becoming incarnate in all who believe and the promise that the fullness of God would be with us and in us.
God spoke to many in the old testament age. But there were not whole, holy or righteous because of it. Even Abraham was accounted righteous because he believed God. But he was not righteous. We are not whole, holy or righteous because we heard something from God and did it. We are righteous because Christ is our life. He is our life vicariously in that He stands in all things in place of us. He is our life in regards to righteousness because He imparts Himself to us. It’s a state of being. He is in all ways our life whether we are doing something, doing nothing, hearing Him or not hearing Him. If righteousness and life came from His instruction He would need to  give us a non-stop sermon. But He does not. He is grace. He does not smother us. Yet His life is our life. He is in us and imparting Himself to us. This is rest and our fruitfulness.