Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


We live in a blessed season. What do I say to those with whose spiritual formation took  place in the same circles as those in which I and my family moved? I would say the same as I do to those non-Believers who have held back from becoming Christians because they have no desire to have their lives commandeered by a church.

I say ‘Christ is  your life.’ He is all and in all. This is to say that He is Himself. As ‘I am’ Jesus is not a function of any human structure, nor is He dependent on any of them. Furthermore Jesus, our Father and Holy Spirit are in you and surround you with their presence wherever you are and in whatever you are doing. There is more than enough fellowship in His person and presence for you not to be eating the milk carton instead of drinking the milk.

In this age - the age since Pentecost  - all Believers are incarnated with the fullness of God. The Godhead lives bodily in you as the trinity did in Jesus. Today we live in the luxury of the fact that what Jesus had with His Father, we now have as our inheritance. I’m talking of the inheritance the sons of the slave woman do not have and the sons of the free woman do. This is union with God.


Jesus promised that where two or three are gathered in His name, He is there with them. Of course He is in you when you are by yourself. So no need to be a religious consumer or live in spiritual dependency. If we eat Him we will live because of Him. If we attempt to find nurture in things not Him we will be a nomad for the rest of our lives.
Jesus  promised that we would never be alone as He would be in us and with us.

We need not look for God outside us when He is in us. Incarnation means that by the Spirit the trinity lives in Believers. Jesus is called The Word because He is the Logos and we are the expression of His Person by the Spirit. As sons we are the meaning of God. Paul speaks of us being ‘letters from Christ’ - not people living in the letter but sons and daughters who are the manifestation of Jesus where they are.

There are Believers who have been raised in lies as if these lies formed a body of truth. As a result of this ‘other gospel’ and the projection of a ‘mean god,’ some have become atheists in disgust. Others live in a state of anomie and semi-agnosticism. Others have bought the humanist lie that we can ‘Be what we want.’ But none of us can be fully human and live as the sons of God we are in separation from God. I am not foolish enough to say that there is no pleasure in sin. I know personally that there is. It also has a sting in its tail and inevitably results in the degradation of our humanity. Religion also affects the shrivelling of our spirit and promotes diseases of the soul. Some of the most emotionally diseased people I know are ghosts of their real selves  because they cannot access the healing that is theirs in their religion of law and abstractions.

There is no  life in religion but there is infinite life in Jesus. In Him you will not only live forever but you will enjoy fullness of spirit and life now.

We need companionship to be fully human and fully alive. You can find this in the church Jesus builds. It consists of those who are the manifestation of Him. His church is Himself multiplied in ordinary folks who have enough insight to live from Jesus instead of living from a bunch of ‘Jesus Stuff.’

You can find this kind of community among those who are looking for more life in Jesus - rather than from those who have made a god out of church. Or among those who are
looking for some new mode of church ‘That meets my needs.’  These folk live in the illusion that they need something outside themselves for fullness of life. But the trinity lives in you. There is a well of living water inside your being. Until we access this we cannot be whole. Neither can we impart life to others. Or be more than a consumer of religion and drag on fellow members of the church.

Christ is in you. Living from Him we have something to bring to the table when we meet together. Hidden in Christ and sustained personally by His Spirit we become more than we ever imagined. Instead of looking for life in externalities we are life because Christ is in us. As such we ignite other people and the things we touch with His spirit and life.