Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Cheryl worked hard for the Lord. Yet she experienced little fruit, enjoyed a minimum of discernment and rotated round and around the mulberry bush of her self-imposed performance orientation.

Jesus appeared to her one day and she asked him what it was that so successfully stymied her ability to release the water of life freely.

Placing His arm around her Jesus said, ‘Sheryl, you are concentrating on demonstrating your love for me. You will receive the desires of your heart when you become totally absorbed in my love for you and live from there.’

‘But Lord, she replied. ‘Don't I need to be your servant?’ Smiling, Jesus replied,
‘You need to receive my love more than you need to serve. Only when you live in me and my love, can you serve in a manner that releases my life. All else is just effort.


Cheryl was an effervescent personality, a natural extrovert and non-conformist. She lived to be human and to express the uniqueness of her personality. She thirsted for life. Yet when the only way of living life to the max, through life in the Spirit of Jesus was presented, she would draw back.

‘How do I be true to myself?’ she enquired of Jesus, looking into His eyes. Jesus’ eyes met hers and radiated a depth of love she had never seen before.

‘When you are dead to you, you become alive to me,’ He said. ‘Your spirit will soar when you eat me, because I will be your life. None who do not live in the Spirit can be their true selves or be fully human and alive. Self effort, kindness to others, charity work do not make you alive. Only I do that. Only when you are not can you be. When I am your life you are yourself and wholly authenticated to minister to others in the power of My Spirit.’