Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Recently in a dream I saw a herd of dairy cows, all without eyes following each other in a line. Then I saw some people, some with a similar blindness and others in danger of going blind. I hoped the blindness was not catching.

The herd of cows represents many Christians. They live as a Christian Herd of conformists rather than sons of God. Conformed to what, it may be asked. Conformed to a Christianised version of the knowledge of good and evil it may be replied.

Like cows many are amiable, yet harmless to the Kingdom of Evil, friendly of face yet lacking in spirit and life. They represent the product of the Christian Industry by trudging along in long lines of conformity to the dairy where they will be milked for their approval and their money. Then as religious consumers, denuded of their individuality and unique qualities as sons of God. The spirit of anti-christ and the spirit of religion are one and the same.

"Eyeless cows" indicates more than a lack of spiritual discernment. It means lack of insight about the Kingdom and the misapprehension that it's about morality when it is entirely about Jesus and His life. Jesus declared Himself the way, the truth and the life because He is. Jesus was not an anti-sin monger. Jesus’ witness was that He is life to the full. He is all and in all. Never a prop to institutionalism, the old covenant, the law or morality. IN EVERY WAY JESUS IS LIFE HIMSELF. More to the point He is your life and the life of the sinner.

The new covenant denotes that Christ is our life. The vicarious humanity of Jesus means that Jesus represents us completely, forgives us entirely and in all things is our compete representative towards God.

The Kingdom of Christ is not a war against bad morality. It’s the replacement of sin and death with Jesus’ life. While sin is forgiven it’s never the focus. Unlimited life is God’s passion and obsession.

Pastor Margaret Court’s upbraiding of gays and gay marriage was well intended. This life-style will debilitate society. But this is not the Kingdom of God. That attitude does not support Father or the role of His Son. This is the knowledge of good and evil with a Christian slant. We are competent to minister when we promote Jesus as He promoted Himself.


‘Eyeless bovines’ is a figure connoting ignorance of who Christ is for us, ignorance of Fathers extravagant love concerning us and lack of knowledge about our inheritance as sons and daughters of God. Father is radically generous in His love and passionate about drawing us in to His family. God is for us, not against us. Not pained by us, not reading to judge and kill us as in some religions. He is passionate to see us be with Him and flourish as the sons of His we really are. We live in the fullness of sons when Jesus is our life. This is the new covenant in spirit and in truth. It's the opposite of a muted existence as a herd of religion conformists.

Lets not be among those who are eager to judge sexuality but have never experienced union with Christ and His healing of our being. Christ is our life because we need a new life entirely. We get this when He graciously lives in us by His Spirit.

Christians are revealed in the glory of themselves when hidden in Jesus. Their spirit and life is meant to be revealed in their uniqueness and the I AM-NESS of their person. Jesus revealed Fathers glory by expressing His person as His Son. So do we. We are sons of supernatural origin and magnificent destiny in Jesus and our Father.


With Jesus as your life you will be the express image of yourself. You will see with the eyes of the Spirit and you will mature into a person of penetrating vision. Increasingly you will do what Jesus means you to be doing, expressing His vision for you and freed from the bondage and arrogance of those who see congregations as the means of achieving their vision. These people have seemingly not heard of the new covenant or if they have, do not understand what it means. Here Christ lives in you and becomes you by the Spirit when we eat Him and live from Him. Now Jesus manifests Himself as the church.

It's of vital importance that ordinary people enter their extraordinary lives by receiving Christ AS THEIR LIFE instead of the church as their life. In the latter case its possible to be a dead person walking yet think you have a life.

There is no life in the abstraction of the church. There is infinite life, spirit and resurrection power in Jesus in you and in all who so believe. Christ manifest as the people is His Church. This is the expansion of Christ as the One in which the whole universe holds together. Here is the regeneration of ourselves, society and the earth in the power of His infinite life.

In his book, Breaking The Mold, Kristin Couchey writes,

‘But now, in the transition of the ages, through Jesus Christ, He is uniting Himself with ALL OF HIS REDEEMED CHURCH even as a groom unites himself with His bride. The Glory of the Ages will manifest Himself fully through His beloved church as they RECEIVE THE INHERITANCE for which they were created and foreknown.

This inheritance has been reserved for His children. All of creation has groaned for this, and all who are sons (both men and women) have groaned for this. Now we are about to see the culmination of all the ages as his children RECEIVE THE INHERITANCE for which they have groaned and persevered. This INHERITANCE is the very essence of God in Christ imparted to His children by the Holy Spirit. As a Groom is united with his Bride, so Christ is one with His people.’

As ministers of God as distinct from hirelings we are competent to minister this inheritance when are one with God –one with Him because we live not in religion or a culture of separation – but because we and Father are one in the Spirit of Sonship. As sons we are competent to minister, not religion but life. Living in our inheritance we pass it on. We pass on what we know to be the pearl of great price: Christ in us, the trinity alive and active in our being and so manifest as the church Jesus builds.