Christ Expressed as You and as Us


In his excellent book, ‘Patmos,’ a meditation and a revelation on the message of John, Baxster Kruger urges Believers to know the Christ of God in place of the Christ of the received ideas, the christ of our guilt and misgiving, the christ of denominational perspective and the christ of our fears.

‘Christ is’ because God is the I AM of Himself. Never a construction of some ‘other’ and never a figment of the law and certainly not subordinate to it. Theologies of the law are a red herring. They are irrelevant to the theology of Jesus and the apostles – God incarnated in the people of God.

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man, fully for us, totally in place of us and totally woven into our being. The representation of you is Christ. The sonship of you is Christ your life.


Jesus cannot be known as He is when we use Him as a clothes peg to hang our beliefs on. Jesus Christ is known by the pure in heart who desire Him for Himself and when receive Him as His own lens – which is to say when we see Jesus through Jesus rather than through the accretions and accumulations of religion or through ‘other gospels.’

To flourish in Jesus’ life is to live in the reality that He has drawn us into His fellowship. We are intentionally living in the reality that is Christ and receive constant revelation of who Jesus is. You can know Jesus and you can know God.


Jesus is not rattling around inside us as a spirit. As the spirit of life Jesus is woven in to our being so that we are both ourselves and the manifestation of Jesus.

The revelation of Jesus into the heart and soul is direct. ‘His anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit--just as it has taught you, remain in him’ 1 John 2.27 NIV.

Knowing about Christ and knowing Christ is a state of being and the product of union with God. It is the kind of knowing that is greatly enhanced when we live in the reality of our inheritance, which is that we and Father are one. This union is not for the super-spiritual but for ordinary folks in the Everyday whose distinguishing quality is that they believe.


Richard Rohr makes the observation that much of our knowing God can be superficial – that is until we break through the shroud of religious routine - into the oneness that is ours in an everyday communion with God. Now we are living and being in God, rather than just quoting scriptures and adopting positions. Christ’s gospel is inclusion from first to last, which is why it is unfortunate when people construct a ‘christianity’ that is based largely on separation and devote themselves to the humbug of overcoming a separation that no longer exists.

Once we believe Christ the fullness of the God-Head lives in us.

Rohr writes, “
For westerners, unless they have dismissed God completely, God today is nothing more than a projected image of themselves: a God that we desire, fear, or culturally need. The encounter with the Totally Other, with the Not-I, does not take place for most people.” (1) How can it when they are living in the routine of church and religion.

True Godliness is we and the Father being one. Godliness is not about zeal, charitable activity, moralism and Christian culture but Christ as you, Christ our life. God incarnated as us. Rooted in this soil our actions take on spirit and life.

For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. 4When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.3,4 NIV. If we are still living in the law we have not died and as Paul laments – Christ died for nothing. In the law we are not born again as sons into our glory. With Christ as our life we are in the Spirit and He is realised in our flesh. Our glory is now as we are the manifestation of the Christ of God as Bob, Jane and Jill.


This is why it is faint comfort to claim the Body of Christ when we only faintly live in the fullness of our inheritance because we have opted for some ‘other gospel.’ Substance as the Body of Christ is incarnation: Christ come in our flesh.

To say that Christ is our life as Paul does is to live a life woven into God because we have embraced Christ come in our flesh rather than adopting the externalities of religion and law. Jesus urged that we live this life of interwoveness as the norm when He said, ‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. This is what we are realizing and affirming in the celebration of the Lord’s Table. Many Believers perform this meal as a rite without realising that they are demonstrating the foundation of the Kingdom of God in themselves and each other.


Once we realise that we have been made part of God; that our Adam has been negated and that separation is over for all time we can dispense with notions of sacred and secular and the division of our lives into holy and not holy. We can start celebrating all of life in the holiness of God’s Creation as agents of this new creation.


But be on your guard against the pollution of this already possessed oneness with religiosities and externalities - which compared to the union with God that is yours in the world - is a ‘trivial pursuit’ that goes nowhere except backward into the pre-cross realm. Rohr observes again,

The human ego will always try to name, categorize, fix, control, and ensure all its experiences. For the ego everything is a commodity. It lives inside of self-manufactured boundaries instead of inside the boundaries of the Godself.” (2) Which is to say it attempts to find its being in that which is not God – which is the fall re-invented. You were made to live in God and you can because you are already in Him.

With Christ our life we get better than a religious commodity. We get infinite life.

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