Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


We are sadly mistaken if we think we are helping Jesus fight a moral war. In so doing we are not helping Him at all – just  immunising non-believers to the reality of who Jesus really is and what He stands for. Could it be that many Christians live from Christianity without having any real understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Jesus began The Kingdom of God in His life and witness. He finished it at the cross and guaranteed its progress in His resurrection. Jesus was the First of Brothers who joined us to our life in God. The Kingdom of God is best described as Family. In Jesus we have been forgiven and saved from our sins. But sin and forgiveness are the lesser issues. The main issue is LIFE TO THE FULL. This life is ours in Christ. It comes through belonging. We are in God and WE BELONG IN GOD because God in Christ has made it so and PLACED US IN HIMSELF – not because we have demonstrated worthiness. But because God is love. This love has a name: JESUS CHRIST.
It is in our being joined to God that we manifest His righteousness (sometimes) - through the infinite opportunities of grace and because God is incarnated in our being. His life and His righteousness rub-off into our spirit, soul and body. We become like the One we are in from the inside and the outside. Jesus is in us and with us. He is our truth -  and most fortunately our grace.
This is totally a Christ life. The law has been done away with it. It does not bring life and never did. So let’s not ‘go on’ about the need for a bit of law to toughen up grace! Law excludes everyone and transforms no one. Life is found in union with God. Our happy position is that WE ARE INCLUDED IN GOD and He is in us. Jesus is the life and light of the world. He is a river of everlasting life and righteousness that transforms all who drink.
WE MAY NEED TO LEARN THAT HIS GOSPEL IS NOT OURS. Rather than adopting positions and engaging in moral rants, best practice is to tell all who don’t know Him that THEY ALREADY BELONG! So don't dumb the gospel of the Kingdom down into a moral crusade. Firstly
you are not personally up to it and secondly you will work against God.
The Kingdom is not moral war-mongering. Moralism places us right back in the knowledge of good and evil with its relativisms, self righteousness and moral blindness. How else does one explain the obsession of
the Christian Right in America juxtaposed to the massive immorality and huge folly of assisting Mr Trump to the presidency of the United States? Unfortunately this is the fruit of what had become Christian religion in America.

There is an almost universal ignorance of the new covenant – the inheritance that is ours – ignored by most and exulted in by some.
For many Christians Christ is not their life. Their version of Christianity is their life. Religion is the life of many, but this is not the spirit and life of our new covenant union with God. Rather it is the externalities of a religious routine that absorbs the attention of the masses. In such a state we are neither yeast or mustard seed and can have no impact in advancing the Kingdom of God for one simple reason: We are not of the new creation.
Thankfully there are people who are the Holy Seed of Jesus. One with God they are true sons, apostolic men and women who - though unrecognised by the mass of Christian consumers and craven dependents -  are the cutting edge of God and His Christ. It will be through these folks that His Kingdom comes.
The cause of evil in the world and in your city is not ‘sins.’ It is separation from God in the world and in the church. Christ is our grace and our life, our wholeness and our holiness. His life as yours is your only entitlement. There is no other.
Moralism leaves us in judgment and without victory. There is condemnation in moralism but there is none of this is Christ Jesus. In Him there is life to the full and transformation from glory to glory. Jesus never let loose on common sins of the time. But here's the thing. He did not spare those who refused Him as their way and their life. If Christ is not our life we have no life, no witness to life and only a dry creek instead of rivers of living water.