Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Years ago Rick Joyner wrote the book of his vision. In it Christians and others were pictured stumbling about in darkness and confusion as a result of feasting on the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Seems that we need to understand and apply what he meant.

Just so you know, rants against Muslims or homosexuals are not the gospel of the Kingdom. This gospel is Jesus: Come to Me and find life. Tell sinners that Jesus is their life and you will represent the Kingdom of God. Condemn them as sinners and you will do the work of the leader of the knowledge of good and evil.
Jesus was surrounded by sinners of all kinds and He condemned none. His message was ‘I am the way, your truth and your life.’ Significantly His anger was directed against those who represented morality, yet rejected Him as their life. Yet His bottom line was that He forgave those who put Him on the cross.

The New Testament and its values are not a new form of law. Sadly many Christians have been taught that they are either directly or by implication. Bible and specifically new testament values did not become the new kind of law. Jesus became our life and our righteousness. An alive and righteous life is Jesus manifesting as you by the Spirit.

Jesus did not promote a revised legalism and neither should you. You might be surprised how many people say they are set free from the law. But many of them do not know why and many are still captive to a form of it. They do not know what Jesus un-did and what He has newly done.

Don’t advertise your illiteracy regarding
new covenant living by engaging in a moral crusade. Jesus’ Kingdom and LIVING WAY are not a new method of doing Moses. Neither is it the practice of the knowledge of good and evil with Jesus help. If you believe this you have been misled and are sadly lacking in your understanding of what Jesus did for you and for the sinners of the world.

Like it or not sinners, perverts and greed-mongers already have salvation. Forgiveness and at-one-ment with God already belongs to all. People need to agree that this is theirs; that this is their inheritance and receive it. As things stand they might be repelled by Christianity. But they never would be by Jesus.

This is not liberalism. It is the gospel of the Kingdom that should be being preached so that the end of judgment and humbug can come!

Margaret Court is not a bad person. She thought she was helping God. Instead she has been a victim of poor teaching and the un-gospel that many have absorbed as the gospel of Jesus. I wonder how many ‘pastor-foot-soldiers’ are teaching this damp squib of a non-gospel in the name of God?

The tacit agreement by many with Margaret Court’s words seems to indicate that much of the church is in agreement. I hope not. But if so this is not surprising. A Christian Industry based on a try-harder gospel; an institutional network ministering religious ignorance of the new covenant is a counterfeit of the Kingdom. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. There should be none in Christianity. We do not represent Christ in judging others even when the sinning is crude and obvious. This perverted un-gospel is the knowledge of good and evil masquerading as life.

Condemnation of this kind is directed to the obvious and easily identifiable. It leaves covered and un-remarked wide-spread social and political sins that are extensive and just as insidious in their socially debilitating effects.

Jesus is not a way of excusing sin. We have no excuse. He is the way of negating sin and healing distorted lives. He is our life. Yet our degree of transformation is not what counts. What counts is that Jesus has made us one with God. To present Jesus as The New and Living Way tells sinners that they BELONG. Despite their shame and waywardness they belong to our Father. They have their place at the core of the universe. They have been absorbed into the trinity through the vicarious life of Jesus. There is a Door and this door is Jesus. Enter yourself and tell others about it. Know this. Teach this. Then we will be people who present the Christ of God rather than be a people of separation and judgment.