Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Each of us must choose Jesus as our life in order to be His life. Having said that, the fullness of Jesus is revealed to each of us from all who have been received by Jesus into Himself. This is how Christ in you gets to be the hope and the reality of glory. A friend once expressed a similar thought. He meant that we see the fullness of who Jesus is when we are the manifestation of His life as the Body. It takes all of us to display His fullness. So it does.

But just one of us is also  displays of His fullness. That is if each of us are living in Him and not in some partiality. Not if George is living in a 10% Christ and 90% of the law. Or if  Mavis is living in a 40% Jesus and 60% Christian routine.

The church displays the fullness of Christ when each member lives in the fullness of Jesus. The result is that he and she becomes the fullness of themselves. They become who they really are according to the truth of Jesus because they have been rescued from the lies of who they are not when independent of God.


There are imaginary christs [sic] and false gospels. The former are the construction of fearful minds and slanders from the Enemy. The latter are the result of false prophets and bad doctrine. In real life they merge as cunningly devised fables.

We need to be living in the real Christ who is the Christ of God and not a construction of our personal devising. Christ is who He is apart from us. The  ‘I AM Christ,’ the Christ of God, the Son of His Father and Son of Man is the real Christ. This is the Christ to whom John and Paul bear witness. A ‘Jesus’ framed in the context of the law is not the Christ at all.

Let’s not rationalise away the fullness of Christ that is ours because we have adopted a lesser christ and another gospel.  The fullness of Christ is ours personally when Jesus is our life. This fullness is not ours when a list of behaviors or a mixture of Jesus and religion is our life. The Christian life is neither a moral endeavour, a moral crusade or a charitable venture. If we are in Christ and He is our life; if we are sons in spirit and truth fruits of purity, the witness of an un-degraded life and kindness to others will be forthcoming as fruits of our sonship.


We might like to define sin and ‘call it by its right name.’ We may do this to justify what we think is our entitlement to the acceptance and favour of God. But This is not life to the full because it is not Christ. Unless Christ is  our life we are neither whole, holy or sons and daughters of God. And neither are we our true selves because we have chosen to live by morality instead of receiving Christ as our life.

Christ’s battle with the Pharisees is about religious entitlement. In their case it blinded them to life as manifest in Jesus. Those who live from the law, from religion and christian conformity have an appallingly low discernment quotient. But they think they can see.

As yourself you are  personally the manifestation of Jesus when He is your life. This is what Christ our life means. You personally, as a brother of Christ and a son/daughter of Father are the expression of Father and Holy Spirit. Outside of Jesus we get to be a charade of ourselves. In religion and observances we get to be a caricature of ourselves and possibly a pious pain. In Christ and as an expression of His Spirit in us we get to be who we are - sons in good standing with Father and honourable representations of ourselves.

Francois Du Toit wrote on Facebook ‘Why would Paul say, I no longer live, but Christ lives within me?’ Because the Paul that died in the death of Jesus (like with every one of us) was the distorted image, the mindset that snared him into a lesser life - a life defined by performance rather than authentic value! The true life of Paul’s (and everyone else’s) design is the blueprint of God's image; this is the Christ life which Jesus revealed and redeemed! No, I don't believe it takes three of us, or three trillion of us to eventually complete the Christ image as it was revealed in Jesus! Every one of us individually contains the very same compatibility and capacity that God had in the single life of Jesus!  Just like with a Zebra (or any other species) each individual zebra has a different stripe pattern, but is not less of a zebra because of that!

When Christ is our life we are not only the expression of Jesus and sons of our Father. We are most truly ourselves. It is this self that joins with Jesus and His disciples to rout the kingdom of darkness and bring in everlasting life. In this mode you touch people with spirit and life without effort and without striving.