Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


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Religion creates a structure of things you must do to achieve for union with God. For many people doing this structure is called being a Christian or living the Christian life. But some don’t do it. The Christian life for them is not a religion but a person. These joyful ones leave religion behind and separate themselves from this pile of worn tyres because they are joined to God. They are one with Him and live in the pleasure of constant communion.

This is not because they are any better than the striver on his Christian treadmill. It’s because Christ is better. It’s because they are in Him. They live in His forgiveness – the forgiveness that is His person and His life. Which is to say they ‘live in grace.’ But more than this, they are not living out of sin-consciousness. They live from life-consciousness. They are living from a union with God who is their life consciousness and their daily adventure.

The spiritual person lives in God. Not in abstractions.

This is can be disturbing to the apparatchik clambering through old tyre piles of religion. Here is someone getting for free what they have attempted to gain through a life time of religious industry.

In religion we attempt to earn a position with Christ. But in Christ we are positioned in God. Sons of God are fortunate. They know their sonship rests not on what they are doing for God but who He is for them. They are living out of their acceptance, forgiveness and the knowledge that they are loved, not for what they should be but for who they are.

Michael Kapler writes, ‘
Some ministers in the land of the legal will argue that ongoing sin and a lack of sin confession will cause a type of relationship separation, and they will insist specific sins that are not confessed will hinder your fellowship with God. I used to think this way too. I was wrong. Fellowship with God is cloaked in our union with Christ. Regardless of how our failures may make us feel (bad at first), it doesn't change God's perspective of us.

Neither does it change our position in Him. Because Christ is our togetherness we are together with God forever. Here we are free to receive His life, His nature, His grace and His love and share it with others. We share ourselves because we are alive in spirit and truth.