Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


What we believe about God and ourselves greatly effects our lives. Should be live in God’s belief about Himself and His ideas of His relationship with us, our quality of life will be far superior than sticking with our own ideas and those that have been offered to us. This is why theology effects all of us and not just theologians.

God’s theology was that Adam and Eve were the sons of God. The Enemy offered Adam and Eve an alternative reality – a deviant one in which they would strive through the knowledge of good and evil to become what they had been. Satan’s ploy was to get Adam and Eve to abandon the identity God had given them and adopt an inferior identity in which they would strive to be what they already were: Sons of God. They came from God. They were in God. They bore His nature. They were the expression of Father. But in choosing to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil the pair chose the law over union with God. Unwittingly they those separation. The issue is the same today. The at-one-ment has made us one with God. But many plod along in old covenant separation when in Christ their real life is union.

A theologian of sharp intelligence, at great expense to his own career, revealed the truth of the grace of God. He showed how grace enabled people to cope with the law. But he did not reveal that God had abolished the law and replaced the law with His Son. If he did, he would have been a minister of the new covenant, focusing on the incarnated Christ gracing our life individually and as the church. This is critical. If the church does not live in the new covenant it does not live in the incarnation or have free access to life in the Spirit. Why? We remain under the deadly hallows of Adam and the tree of death bereft of spirit and life. Contained in religiosity we remain subject to the most subtle and pervasive mode of witchcraft – the attempt to be godly through the law/knowledge of good and evil.


Our life in God is not primarily about righteousness. It’s about being alive.

‘In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men’ John 1.4 NASB

‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ John 10.10 NIV.

The good is a function of life. But life is never a product of avoiding evil and seeking the good. This is the original ruse and the present fallacy. It drives the Christian Industry and undergirds every form of legalism. Spirit and life multiply more life. The knowledge of good and evil suffocates it. Spirit and life is Christ your life. Christ in us is the gospel of the Kingdom. Christ your life is your fellowship with the trinity. Law posing as life is separationism and death.


Shortly after I had come into a personal relationship with Jesus, I began to see that our life with Him was not chiefly about the commandments, rules, good morality or even sound values. I don’t mean these are irrelevant. They are the fruit. Never the root.
Father’s glory is to be Himself and your glory is to be you. This is accomplished when we act according to the theology of Jesus, His Father and Holy Spirit – we and Father are one.

God is our Father and we are sons. This is our identity and His. I found confirmation of this in Paul Tournier’s book, The Meaning of Persons and in John Powell’s excellent book on the same theme: Why Am I Afraid to tell You Who I am?’ The former explains the nature and glory of persons and the latter unfolds the nature of the human being not as some fixed and rigid entity but as a being who lives in a constant state of becoming. This is in fact the message of Jesus, John and Paul.

So what does this mean? As wonderful and noble as her ministry was, your role is not to be a Mother Theresa or an exponent of a similar ministry. Your glory is found in being you where you will flourish in the glory of being yourself! Your primary role in life is to be yourself in Christ. You will accomplish this if Christ is your life. You will not only be formed in Christ. You will have the insight to resist those who would conform you to themselves and their ministry. In this way you will multiply spirit and life.

We will never transcend ourselves by living from the law, from rules, from a program, a philosophy or from Christian values. But when Christ is our life we will flourish as sons and daughters of God. A insightful theologian has written,
‘The church became so engrossed in the magnificence of justification .. that we have overlooked, the grand purpose justification serves - glorification.’ We are set free from the law to be manifest as the glorious sons and daughters of God.