Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


A lady being interviewed by a journalist remarked, ‘I’m not racist. I have a daughter in law who is an African American.’ Yet all she had previously said established that she certainly was racist. In similar vein I hear people say that they don’t believe in global warming or if it is happening it’s not caused by humans. Yet all they do as an individual and as a society is the reason for  changing weather patterns, melting glaciers, more powerful hurricanes and catastrophic bush fires. The evidence of global warming and its human causes is as substantial as the evidence for the fact that the earth is round.

‘They will say, "Where is this 'coming' he promised? Ever since our ancestors died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation’ 2 Peter 3.4 NIV. But it does not. Neither in the spiritual or the natural.

Self interest in the spiritual or natural realm always leads to self-deception, genuine blindness, stagnation and eventual extinction. We can say we are not legalists because we believe in Jesus. Yet if we have added even one law or one addition to Jesus as our life we are bound to the law no matter what we say. Bound to the law we become insulated from Christ and insulated from Christ we are blind, deaf and dead.

People say they don't believe in global warming because there are no supporting facts. Not really. They disbelieve because their security and sense of self is embedded in society as they know it and want it to continue. As such they are sitting ducks for fake facts and false  pieces of news that support what they desire to hear. We live in a season when vast masses of people are giving themselves over to vanity and folly.


If we are fixated in our personal religious identity, our perspective and the beliefs handed down by our Fathers because we are, and for no other reason than because this is where our certainty and security is located, we are in a parlous situation. Parlous because we are insulated from the truth and from the furtherance of life. We are in the same position as the global warming denier who ignores facts for the sake of  the false security  he gets from living in his private thimble.

‘They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator--who is forever praised. Amen’ Rom 1.25 NIV.


The seeds of global warming were planted  in the 1780’s with the start of the Industrial Revolution and the use of coal for energy. As the Industrial Revolution expanded over the earth new energy sources were utilised but all had emissions of some kind that  polluted the atmosphere. The cumulative effect is what we are experiencing in 2017. A consistent rise in temperature, the melting of the Greenland glaciers, extended droughts in some places and ferocious downpours in others. Australia has always been a land of drought and flooding rain. But these events throughout the world are increasing in intensity.


Physical ructions in the earth and social chaos in societies are the direct result of living in separation from God. God is not morality. He is Jesus Christ. Christians need to live this out so that they are the solution and not part of the problem.

Global warming is real. It’s not a notion being promoted by socialists, communists, terrorists or one world government addicts. It's the effect of how we are living. We need to admit there is a problem and agree that it is us who are causing it. Then embrace the solutions to the problem. Global warming and climate change can be managed with clever policies and forward thinking. There are ways of making a smooth transition to renewables without being hamstrung by ideological quagmires. Things are not good because they are old. Renewables are better because they are new, they do not pollute and are easily accessible. Coal is not sacred. Nor is it innately evil. There is wealth to be made and well-being to be had in transitioning to renewables and clever energy producing technologies. There is life and light in wisdom.

In Jesus is life and that life is the light of human beings.

Prior to the Civil War in America vested interests argued that slavery was good for slaves. We have a similar inference today. Pollution is good for society - particularly the miners and energy producers. Not for anyone else. And certainly not for future generations. To stick to the old simply because it is old is futile. This applies to our spiritual lives as well as to public policy. Don’t live as a spiritual cripple in blindness to your huge inheritance as a son of God because the old covenant is what you were brought up with, what you know and what you are sticking too. You are a son/daughter and you have access to life without limit.