Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Why even though we have come into the Spirit can our personal life remain such a damp squib?

Joe was not a reflective person normally. He just lived a treadmill of existence working at his trade during the week and doing his church routine at the weekend. A few years back Joe had come into the Spirit as it is called in charismatic circles. He became acquainted with the manifest presence of God, saw people healed and could operate in some of the gifts. But he had been thinking lately, reflecting on his life.

‘Why is it I just don’t feel together as a person?’ he asked himself. ‘Why is my family life so difficult and my marriage almost a train-wreck?

Joe was astute enough to listen to God and found that you could in fact hear God’s voice for yourself and that Jesus talks to people personally – not usually through an audible voice but through dreams or visions, conversations we are part of and passages in books to which He draws our attention. Because Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, He will draw our attention to things we need to know about ourselves and to the falsity of ideas we have accumulated and believed to be true. Holy Spirit does this because error stifles our humanity and our glory as sons. Where the Spirit of Christ is there is liberty. When religion reigns there is obscurantism and multiple humbugs that bind the soul.

So rather than just think about his dilemma Joe decided to present his questions about his personal living to Jesus. Shortly after this while he was mowing the lawn these words came into his consciousness above the sound of the mower:

‘Your life Joe, is touched by misery because you live in fragmentation. Schooled in the law, you live in bits and pieces instead of living in Me. For you the parts are more important than the whole. In the knowledge of good and evil in which you are trapped, you think they are the whole. But they are not. I am and you are whole in Me.

As a result you and your relationships are fragmented and your eyesight is dim. To be whole in yourself and with those about you, I Myself need to be your life. I am not the means to a bunch of good qualities. I am not here to help you keep the law. I have come into your life to be your life. I am your life Joe. This is the difference between the new covenant and the old. You are one with me and I am your life. Much of what you have believed all your life is distortion of scripture and a delusion. In Me you will find those veils dissolved. I am all that is good, whole and free. In Me you have the power of an indestructible life. You will always be whole in Me. Live from me because I am your life.