Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world



Jesus’ saying about the vine and the branches is all about our new covenant union with Father. By believing Jesus and receiving Him as our life we are joined to Father, as Jesus was one with His Father. Just as Jesus was the expression of Father’s love, authority and life, so now are we.

Who was Jesus of Nazareth? He was the son of Mary and the Son of God. What did Jesus accomplish? He undid our separated life in Adam and made us one with God in Himself. What are the results? God is not somewhere else. He is in you. What is the effect on your being? You are not divided between what I do and what I should do. You are one. In Jesus you are I AM as Jesus is I AM. You are who you are and you are one with God. As a result you are the expression and life of our Father. This is the source of the life that flows through you and the ground of your authority. You not only contain the life of God. You are the life of God.



The life of God is the expression of that is the trinity in companionship, unity, individuality and harmony. Their life is the womb of the universe. This is where all that exists began. It is where you began. Here you were known before you ever were. By living from Jesus instead of proxies like the law, performance, Christian culture and attempted demonstrations of self-worth you become an I AM of the Greater I AM. You have your authentic identity. You are indwelt by the trinity. Your being is electrified by their spirit and life. Your fractured being is made whole by their presence in you. You represent their authority. But praise be to God, you are truly yourself, functioning increasingly as who you are meant to be and multiplying new creation life as a result.

You will not have to try hard to minster His life. Yes, it will take some effort but it will not be burdensome. It will be a joy because it will be the spontaneous expression of Christ’ life as yours.


You will do only what Jesus means for you to do and do it only when He means you to do it. You will be at peace with yourself. You will live in a continual Sabbath rest yet be amazingly creative. Your friends will have more peace in your company. You will desist from badgering them with your many Ishmael’s and cease attempting to be a blind leader of those who can see. You will lighten the burden on angels who have had to follow you about pulling up the tares you have planted. In short you will have become a son of God instead of son of the evil one. This does not mean you were a bad person. Just they you were taking cues from the wrong father!