Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


In the old testament God urged people to seek His Face. God revealed His Face in Jesus. In new covenant communion we live in face to communion with God. Jesus stated that only the son knows the Father and only the Father knows the son and those whom the Son chooses to reveal Him. Who are the latter? Those who accept and embrace the fact that Jesus has drawn us into the life and fellowship of the Holy Family. In Jesus we possess this ‘mutual knowing’ – the knowing of Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit and ourselves. We are in God and fellowshipping with God. Incarnation means we are indwelt and that we live each day in intimate encounter with the family of God.
The most direct encounter with God comes not from your Bible or Bible study. It comes directly from Christ in you by the Spirit.
Religion seeks union with God in things that are not god, making sacred issues out of them. In doing this religion separates us from God even in the act of seeking His presence via religion.
God is Himself and the fullness of God lives in you. God is not somewhere else. God is in you and you are in God. Revelation came once by a circuitous route through the law and the old testament prophets. Not today. It comes directly from Christ in you and Christ in us all. In Jesus you live in the continuing revelation of God – the wonder of His glory is unveiled and we see Him increasingly as He is. Similarly in God you come to know yourself as you are.
The most worrisome thing I have seen in those who will not transition from the old covenant to the new is spiritual dullness. Only half alive themselves they are frustratingly insensitive to spirit and life.
‘For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing’ Ecc 9.5 NIV.
A religious outlook muffles God and dulls our humanity. Spirit and life come not from the things of God or the practises of Christianity. They come from God in you and more. You are alive in the Spirit of God because Father is interwoven in you as a son/daughter.
Law and religion will deface who you are. Here we will not know ourselves or others and real community will be a mirage. John 17 declares that genuine community comes from union with God – a union that is not future or in some other realm but is ours today. In Jesus veils are removed. The veils of misinformation that surround God and the misconceived notions of who we are as ourselves fade away. Our false identities dissolve in the presence of Father and we increasingly emerge into our glory as daughters and sons. To know Jesus is to know God and increasingly to know ourselves.
Francois Du Toit writes, ‘The truth about you is not in your ability to remember the detail of your horrid past - the degree of your hardship, abuse and suffering is not your salvation - The awakening to your authentic value, your redeemed pre-Adamic innocence and your defining identity is mirrored in Jesus the Christ the Saviour of the cosmos! Do not embrace a "mirror" that resembles anything less than the authentic you unveiled in HIM!’