Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


All are sons and daughters of God, even the wicked. Those for whom Christ is life are daughters and sons in spirit and in truth. There is more to our life and than Christianity, which is to say more than a life in God than religion. If we were to be graded on our life in religion we may well get a B- . But if we were to be graded in our participation in our inheritance as sons/daughters of God many of us would get a D- .

We can drift along in routine religion as a shadow of our real selves. But there is a real Jesus who will make us a real person whose origins as a son/daughter are continually emerging and whose redemption as a new creation being is becoming more and more apparent in freedom and fruit.

A routine
life in religion is not a life in God
and not a life in the Kingdom at all

As daughters and sons we take on the humanity of Christ as the new man who transcends Adam to fulfil the original plan. This is the plan of the trinity to have sons to enjoy and with which to celebrate the joy of living.
This is why Jesus’ obsession was not about ethics and morality and certainly not about sin. He was life and His obsession is life to the full. The life of God is manifest as spirit. It is an indefinable yet real essence that separates life from the various gradations of death. By the power of the Spirit this life of Christ manifested as you!

Just in passing and while we are here, let’s be clear. The Kingdom of God is not a moral crusade. Jesus was surrounded by sinners who practised the art of sin with great success. True, Jesus came to forgive sinners and sin, but have you noticed, He hardly mentioned it? Wickedness to Jesus was any refusal to receive Him as our life. What we call Christianity may be living a moral life with Jesus somewhere involved. But this not not the Kingdom. It’s the knowledge of good and evil. The Kingdom of God is Christ our life; Christ expressed as us.


Jesus has the Spirit without limit and offers all life to the full. His passion for fullness of life is why He has nothing in common with those who acquiesce in any limitation of life or promote limited and lesser gospels. He is not a fellow traveller of any who accommodate themselves to a meagre life or a lesser life in order to preserve their traditional views. He has no empathy whatsoever with those who limit His hegemony to the boundaries of ‘their perspective’ and their claim to some unique contribution to Christianity.

There is no addition to or subtraction from the gospel of Jesus and the teaching of the apostles that is ever legitimate. It is impossible to improve on the reality of Christ our life but easy enough to resile from His fullness through revisionist doctrine and old covenant meandering.

‘Christ is all and in all,’ is the good news Jesus proclaimed as Himself. This is the apostles teaching that Paul explained and applied.


The life of the Spirit, which is the kingdom of God grows out of God. Never from the law, religion or mans machinations. Spirit and life is entirely Christ our life with no additions or dilutions.

Some years back I attended Road To Bethlehem, which is an excellent celebration of the birth of Jesus and the coming of the New Genesis into the world. That night in a dream the Lord showed me a platform on which were several fountains. From one flowed beer, from another wine, another produced hydrochloric acid and from another flowed the water of life. Christians were drinking from all of them seemingly ignorant that spirit and life was to be found in only one.

So let's embrace Christ as our life and eschew substitutes, revisionist gospels and old covenant mindsets. There is life in none of these and little godliness. Jesus was not crucified to endorse “Our Perspective" and He does not live to promote tares which are the fountains of non-life.


So let's not be put out if it is revealed that ‘our gospel’ is not the gospel of the Kingdom, or sulk and reproach others if their passion for Jesus is unconditional and ours is limited by loyalty to a fictional identity that comes close to being a false christ.

Be willing to abandon our gangrenous tissues of religion in exchange for the spirit and life that awaits the flesh of new creation beings. There are no unique perspectives that may legitimately be added to the new covenant; no authentic additions to the gospel of Jesus and Paul and not one fragment of the law that has any place in your life in the Spirit of Christ. Certainly there are no "improvements" arrived at by adding the dregs from an old covenant wineskin to Christ who is our life.

All of us have a choice. We can live in His gospel of the Kingdom and as life-giving spirits we a witness of life unto life. Or we can have our own gospels and be a lie.