Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


All life in the new testament age is meant to be sourced in the person of Jesus Christ. Christ multiplied in us is not only the church He builds without human hands. It is the new creation. We are talking the regeneration of society and the healing of the planet.
Any addition to Jesus is mixture. Such adulteration are the core meaning of the son of adultery – which means diluting our union with Christ with other husbands.

The first part of this post relates to a piece I found on Facebook a few days ago relating to a section of the
Christian Industry – mainly found in the United States but also here in Australia. That which is described is mixture. This is to say a mixture of old and new covenant and mixture of Jesus and Baal.


‘Elijah went before the people and said, "How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him." But the people said nothing’ 1 Kings 18.21 NIV.

I read the piece along with a covering admonition to be gracious and not condemn, since we all are at different stages of growth. My desire is that our growth not be limited by a sense of self-importance or false doctrine concerning the church Jesus builds. If we don’t care about people being crippled by distortions of the faith then we are not concerned with what Jesus cares about.

In the account above we find a little of the Kingdom of God and a large admixture of the kingdom of man – an industry. This industry runs on the notion of apostleship – but an understanding of the term that is far removed from the example of Jesus and Paul as well as being an almost entirely old covenant/capitalist/Americanised version of apostleship/institutionalism.

Apostles like Jesus and Paul were rejected, discredited and killed. Not much glory there – except in heaven.

Some of the teachers in this industry have functioned as beacons of light. Nevertheless it is also a culture that can be bereft of revelation as seen in the idiocy of support of the Trump candidacy like depicting him as some kind of Cyrus. I suspect the Cyrus of history was a man of more intelligence and wisdom than the present
POTUS. If this religious culture claims to be kings and priests it is certainly a nation of kings and priests without any clothes. It gives new meaning to the words..

‘Look, I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed’ Rev 16.15 NIV.

Heaven is meant to be seen on earth and manifest through the church and through
each Believer. One would expect that president of the United States to be the result of the collective wisdom of the population. Unfortunately it is. But the present presidency is also the result of the ‘wisdom’ of American Christianity. ‘We will know them by their fruit.’

Believers are not meant to be the passive receivers/dependent consumers that they have become in some of these tumours of the body. Christ’s church is simply the manifestation of Himself in people. It’s not an institution of any kind – not even an organic institution. It’s Jesus manifest as George and Mary.

A genuine apostle is genuine because of His oneness with Jesus and union with Father. As such this person is a son of God in spirit and in truth no matter who he is or where she happens to be. Apostleship is a function of the spirit of sonship – the trinity incarnate in those so appointed by Jesus – not by themselves.


Limited understanding at any moment in time is never an excuse to live
in limitation. Not when what is on offer from sections of The Body not so limited in self interest is a accessible to all – at least to all with humility.

As amongst ourselves as individuals - so with various communities in The Body - we can minister to each other’s area of lack in order that we all may be built up into the fullness of Christ. Personally I have gained much from humble friends who had a correct understanding of spirituality that had escaped me. So too have I benefited from sections of Christianity much different to that in which I was raised. If we make excuses for gangrenous tissue in any area of the body, that section eventually dies and is usurped by the Enemy. But when we excuse carnality or make a virtue of it all die we die to some extent have to fight new forms of malevolence.

‘This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God’ 1 John 4.2 NIV.

We already inherit fullness in Christ. Our task is to inherit this fullness in our flesh by EMBRACING THE TRUTH. This is the age, ON THE EARTH when heroes are made and captivity undone. The age of liberty began with the cross and sprang forth at the resurrection. So lets’ be done with pathetic sayings like ‘We are all limited in some way.’ Grace brings the opportunity to leave behind our hobbles and false gospels. We have fullness in Christ. Advancing into this fullness each day is the adventure of our lives. A good starting point is to define our identity as a life-giving spirit rather than a morality addict, a law-monger or church member.


Jesus desires that we live from life consciousness. Not sin consciousness. This piece by
Francois Du Toit from Facebook August 4, 2017, has the power to change what we think of God and what we think He thinks of us. Continuing revelation assures us that Father is nicer then we think and that salvation is simpler than we imagine. Jesus as our life is far more transformative and pleasure filled than his religion as our life. New covenant living places us directly in Jesus and totally in the fellowship of Father and Holy Spirit. We are not dependent on moral abstractions, religious structures and wannabe apostles. Christ is our life and Jesus is the Kingdom manifest as us.

He writes,
‘The blood of Jesus was not different to the blood of any other person. If there was some mysterious "power" in the blood of Jesus, then all we needed was a blood transfusion. What makes his blood most powerfully significant is in what it communicates.  Unlike the idea that the ultimate, most expensive sacrifice would perhaps persuade Deity to look differently and favourably upon sinful humanity, this is not Deity getting even with humanity in the typical language of "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth" judgment. This is Deity reconciling humanity to themselves.

Jesus did not do what he did to reconcile God with us. This is Father Son and Spirit clothed in human skin, lovingly and willingly going to the gruesome extreme of a ridiculously unfair trial by a human court, and the scandalous execution of an innocent life, in order to persuade us most convincingly of their priceless esteem of us and their relentless love for us - to forever rescue our minds from every definition of unworthiness and condemnation, and every sense of
In the broken, bleeding body of Jesus, the incarnate Engineer of the universe, willingly dies humanity's death at the hands of his own creation in order to redeem our minds from the plague of a sin-consciousness that left us distanced and indifferent for ages and generations, stuck in the wilderness of our self-help religious and survival programs.

Wow! You have a life – a life that is in God. The exciting thing is that He has already placed you in Himself. Live from where He has positioned you. Stop working harder and leave off that pious drudge you call ‘Your Christian life.’ Jesus is your Sabbath Rest. Rest harder. It’s counter-intuitive but it is life to the full.

It’s not ok to live in a form of limitation when you have been given life to the full. To do so is to dishonour Christ and devalue all He has done for us. We love Him by allowing Him to love us.