Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Loving Jesus with all our hearts means knowing Him as He is and being fully at one with all He has done for us. Any teen knows that when parents refuse to allow them to be who they are and try to fit them to some other identity – their love for them is sadly deficient. We are not free to believe in a diminished Jesus and make for ourselves a lesser gospel just because we love Him. Indeed one might ask what kind of love this is and how deep it really goes. Jesus might well ask, ‘Did you love me enough to search out who I am and what my sacrifice achieved for you?’

Recently an apostolic writer of more than usual discernment wrote that loving Jesus does not always mean you have the real Jesus or His actual gospel. Some have a lesser Jesus and sad news.

Its true that droplets of grace do come through the grid of misunderstanding - but never rivers of life. Truth is life.

A Jesus in submission to the law, as some teach, is not the Christ of God. If this were the case the law would be God and Jesus would not. Sadly some do make a god from the law and diminish themselves as a result. Jesus did not live from the law. He lived from His Father. One with Father He was the expression of His Father as a son. When Jesus alone is our life we are the expression of our Father.

‘This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God’ 1 John 4.2 NIV. This is not a dissertation on evil spirits so much as a defining statement on the core issue of the new testament age – the fact that Christ and not observances and laws has come to express His Spirit in our being.

What ‘Jesus’ do many of us have? We have the Jesus of a fearful soul and a rules shrivelled heart - a Jesus designed and made by us as a result of poor teaching, the dumbing down of our already achieved position in God, adherence to old covenant attitudes in the new covenant age. Or just a malignant gospel that un-does all that God achieved for us in Jesus. To understand the vicarious humanity of Jesus - a theological term - is to know and live entirely in the reality of CHRIST OUR LIFE.

The Enemy doesn’t care how much we ‘love Jesus.’ What matters to him is how much he can degrade us and neutralise our sonship through his cunningly devised fables. A person ‘who loves Jesus’ hobbled by the law and a stern Father is a win for the Enemy.

‘I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist’ 2 John 1.7 NIV.

I remember being puzzled about the fact that some really nice people I knew were strongly convinced that their grossly perverted gospel was the truth of God. These were not nasty types who managed to cover their carnality with a veneer of good manners. They were good people who honestly believed a lie. The effect for these folk who loved Jesus was that the spirit and life that is ours as sons was not theirs. This is not to slander them or put them down. It’s just a fact of life in the law and old covenant.

We can love Jesus with all our hearts yet remain dead men and women walking. Dead because we are dead in our spirit, drugged in our soul and denying ourselves the fullness of the spirit-body of Jesus of which the Lord’s Table is the sign. Those who eat Jesus live in spirit and life because of Him.

The reality is Christ. Grace has a purpose. It’s not an excuse for walking in our own understanding or a reason for denying that truth that sets us free and makes us whole. Grace is the Gate to knowing the glory of our Father and the glory of being ourselves as sons in Christ. Remaining in the law we are surrounded by a cloud of the spirit of death. Our hearts are not alive and our spirits are not ignited. When God has given us the life of the Spirit to flourish in the Spirit of Sonship, law-mongering withers our hearts, destroys our souls and defaces the image of Jesus in our being.

No matter how much we love Jesus, He means us to follow the real Him and not some distortion that belittles His person, hides His real face and clouds our own face with confusion. He means us to flourish in His gospel and the teaching of the apostles and not some latter times adaptation that denies our inheritance from the cross and the Spirit of Sonship. Did you know that we can love Jesus with all our hearts, yet have eyes that cannot see and ears that always distort the glory of the gospel that is Christ our life.

Loving Jesus with all our heart does not help us a lot when the Jesus we love is not the Christ of God and the gospel we follow is not the gospel of our Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Being who He is in spirit and in truth is very important to I AM. Knowing who He is and what He has done accurately enables us to be who we are as spirited an robust sons of God who release new creation life. With the real Jesus as our life we become true sons of God. We are a junior ‘I am’ in the spirit of sonship because Jesus has made sons who are one with our Father. Engulfed in the life of God through Jesus, you yourself are the righteousness of God in Christ.