Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world



One of the greatest delights in a Jesus Life is our marination in revelation. It’s part of our inheritance in the spirit of sonship. We get glimpses of it even from our self-made prisons and can sense it even though we are still encumbered by encrustations of false identity and veils woven from warped assumptions – none of which are visible to us -unless we choose. We can be liberated from this stuff however – we can be progressively set free from the ties that blind as we commit totally to Jesus, dump our religious baggage at the cross and follow Him wherever He leads. With Him, the only things we can lose are our chains.

When we leave behind our partial loyalties and diluted ‘followings’ of our Lord we enter a bright new realm of sight, understanding, vision and spiritual discernment. We can see the Kingdom. It’s as though we have been blind but now we see. Robert Rohr writes, “
Once our defences are out of the way and we are humble and poor, truth is allowed to show itself. It is not acquired. It shows itself when we are free from ideology, fear, and anger. "I know" won't get us anywhere. The truth is, I don't know anything. Our real hero is Forrest Gump! Perhaps he was a metaphor for beginner's mind. Only non-knowing is spacious enough to hold and not distort the knowing that is possible. Similarly, meaning is not created; it is discovered. Our universe is an enchanted one; there is nothing new under the sun in terms of the soul.”


Jesus and His Way are full of grace and truth. Grace to learn, grace to be humble and grace to see and be the truth as sons of God. Those who love the light more than anything else will see the light and have more. Those who revere light only to the point where it conflicts with what they choose to believe will continue circling the mulberry bush and lose the light they have.