Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


There is a life in God that has no use for lifeless humbug. It’s called Christ our life. Jesus was it. Paul declared it. You can live it. The religious mind-set ties us to law, habit and often mindless behaviour that is supposed to please God. We are right to be suspicious about any pious claim for dietary rites, the veneration of holy times, sacred places or the wearing of odd clothes - with the implication that they have as any ability to make one whole or holy. They don’t. And can’t.

Nevertheless God said, ‘Be holy because I am holy,’ and provided the way for this to be so. He did this through creating us out of Himself. Following the fall He undid our estrangement and drew us back into Himself, into His person and His Fatherhood.

Just as Jesus is alpha and omega so we have this similarity. We have been created and recreated by God. We began in God by coming out of the trinity and we have been drawn back into God by the sustained love of the trinity.

God has made us whole by incarnating Himself in us. He has made us holy through His grace and by gracing us with His person as the Inhabiter of our Being. This is how we are holy because He is holy.

Since the cross and Pentecost God lives in you and expresses Himself through you. So there’s no need to adopt eccentric habits or pious postures. In Christ, with Christ as your life and ‘come in your flesh,’ just believe in Him. Accept what He has done. Agree that you are a son. Be filled with His Spirit and multiply who He is in you. Francois Du Toit writes from the scriptures,

The great Conversation! More than two thousand years ago the conversation that had begun before time was recorded—sustained in fragments of thought throughout the ages, whispered in prophetic language, chiseled in stone and inscribed in human conscience and memory—became a man.

Beyond the tablet of stone, the papyrus scroll or parchment roll, human life has become the articulate voice of God. Jesus is the crescendo of God’s conversation with humankind; he gives context and content to the authentic thought. Everything that God had in mind for man is voiced in him. Jesus is God’s language. His name declares his mission.

As Saviour of the world he truly redeemed the image and likeness of the invisible God and made him apparent again in human form, not as in a display window, but as in a mirror!
’ (Hebrews 1:1-3, 2 Corinthians 3:18)

This is why to see Jesus is to see yourself. To believe Jesus is to know yourself and to be infilled by Jesus is to be who you are and do what He means to be doing through you.