Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


There are people you know, not because they are attractive in themselves, but because they are .. er .. people.. You know of them rather than ‘know them’ because you do not empathise with their version of being a person. They are not bad people. Not malicious or disolute. They can attract admiration from those who see godliness as ticking religious boxes.

What they offer to the world has little to do with Jesus. They model a sanctimonious version of godliness that makes them less a person and more a poser. This is the kind of religion that puts-off any one with a red-blooded love of life. Theirs is the kind of life that prompted an astute person to write the book entitled, ‘For God’s Sake be Human!’

It’s fortunate that enough people are repelled by contorted versions of godliness to call them to repentance. They are a witness to the truth and to the Christ of God who is life Himself.

We are saying that there are people whose Christianity makes them tiresome and there are those in whom the person of Jesus has a joyful effect. Not only are the latter gracious. They are life-giving. Individuals and thinkers, they are clones of none. Sometimes they are very funny people who laugh a lot. They are the kind of people who take offence at the depiction of the trinity in The Shack. They have a dry wit and a keen sense of humour with an expectation of limitless possibility. Few of them are conservatives and for a reason. Conservativism is born from the fear of losing what one has, particularly oneself. Sons of God have lost themselves and found who they really are – as well as a whole new world of continual revelation and resurrection!

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ is not a kingdom of morals. Many think it is and have constricted themselves like mummies, criss-crossed with religious bandages. Their spirit is dead because their flesh is alive – not in gross acts of immorality but in the pervasive spiritual paralysis of religion.

Real life is Christ first and last. Life in exuberance is Christ our life. All life flows from Jesus Christ. Air that is not Jesus dulls the senses and causes asphyxiation. You don’t have to live in a coma of Christianity when Jesus, the Spirit and our Father have incarnated themselves IN YOUR PERSON!

The Kingdom of God is not religion or morality as Christians who voted for Mr Trump seem to imagine. If the Kingdom of God is to be real it has to be more than personal morality and individual actions. The Kingdom of God and its righteousness encompassed nation and world.

By obsessing over abortion and homosexuality (which are undoubtedly evils) to the exclusion of issues such as character and competence and world leadership these Christians have exposed themselves as exponents of folly. And of a far greater immorality: The folly of foisting on their own nation and the world a man of poor character and manifest incompetence. Their part in witnessing to the world has been to demonstrate what some suspected: That their Christianity is about Christianity. Non-Christians, atheists and agnostics are right to perceive their actions as DUMB!

Those who live in the Christ of God excel in discernment and are visionaries of some kind. They are not locked into the past. They can cope with ambiguity and have enough grace to cope with anomalies that present themselves.

Those who shine as the sun live from Jesus not from Christianity. They live from Jesus as He is, not the christ that is a construct of common religion, legalism or any other gospel of a sect or false prophet. They are not workers or slaves. They live in the freedom of sons. But they are shaped by the person of Christ who is their life and more. He inhabits their body and soul as spirit and life. Out of these folk Jesus makes a church not made with human hands. This is the difference between that part of the church culture that chooses a Trump and a church that is the expression of the spirit and life of Jesus.

As sons of God we are never a projections of a bunch of moral qualities. We are Christ multiplied. As such we are ourselves as sons and daughters of God. Our glory is increasingly unveiled as we are hidden in the person of Jesus who is our spirit and our life. If our religion has made us into a cardboard cut-out or a walking irritation, then we are neither Godly or a witness to the truth. But we are a dead person walking. If we are full of grace and truth we are the multiplication of Jesus in the world.

Francois Du Toit writes,
‘The revelation of Christ in us gives identity to the individual beyond anything anyone could ever be as a Greek or a Jew, American or African, foreigner or famous, male or female, King or pawn. In seeing Him not just recorded in history but revealed in us, we discover the face of our birth as in a mirror!’