Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


There’s a difference between Christ as our life and Christianity as our life. The former is the Kingdom Jesus began. The latter is not. Christianity is a religion. Jesus is a person. A real life in the Kingdom as opposed to life as a the routine of a religious culture is simply Jesus in you and more. It’s Jesus as you. Through the incarnation, heaven is joined to earth through you and through the church Jesus has built.
Christ my life is an expression of the new covenant – the new and living way that undoes Adam and indwell Jesus in Believer’s lives.
The significant facts about the new covenant are these: It is what God did for us and who we are now in Christ. It’s our inheritance. Secondly so few Christians live in their new covenant inheritance. Should we do so Christ’s victory over the grave will be our victory over the chaos and mayhem of the world.
The new covenant is not a substitute legal system, a new code for an old one. The new covenant is not Second Leviticus, though many may think and live like it is. The new covenant is not an update like Windows 7 to Windows 8. The new covenant is a completely different kingdom operating system and old covenant models, methods, values, and thinking will cause a believer's "operating system" to crash! We cannot operate a prophetic function based on old covenant modalities if we are to expect the benefits of the new age to accrue to us.
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