Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Holy Spirit lives to reveal the glory of Christ. Christ lives to reveal the glory of our Father and Father lives to assure us of His love and the nurture us as His sons. Holy Spirit is not only about spiritual gifts and words of knowledge. Holy Spirit lives to reveal to us our inheritance as sons and daughters of God. THOSE LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD ARE THE SONS OF GOD in spirit and in truth.

A friend lamented to me once, ‘Holy Spirit has left the building but many folk do not know it yet.’ Holy Spirit will not compel us to live in our new covenant inheritance. But he does withdraw in order that we experience the results of our independence and so be shepherded into the fullness of Christ.

Spiritual Sight is dependent on union with our Father. Separated from God we cannot ‘see’ or ‘know.’ Light and life is found in the presence of God. Conversion is being brought into fellowship with our Father to participate in the accurate and unsullied knowing of God. Thus, the at-one-ment achieves for each of us spirit and truth – spirit and truth in relation to who Father is, spirit and truth in regard to who we are as sons and revelation in the form of the accurate understanding of the union with God that is ours now and forever.

Non-being is found in anything not God. Non-being is found just as much in ‘God-things’ as it is in rebellion. ‘Being’ is found in Father. This is to say BEING WHO WE ARE is found in His embrace – the embrace of our Mother. Knowing comes to us from proper ‘being.’ Hidden in God we know in spirit and in truth.

Only Jesus knows our Father, which means that Father is only known as He is in Jesus. In Adam and Moses we cannot see or know because we cannot truly know in separation. We cannot know Father as He is and are unable to see ourselves as we are.

Many people live barren lives because they live entirely in the realm of activity. Busy as they are they have no real substance and impart no real life - because they have no real god – other than their ceaseless activity. ‘Being, knowing and seeing is not only in found in being in God. It is being still in Him.

Separated from God in our minds we are unable to be trees of life and multiply the Kingdom. The kingdom grows from rootedness in Father. Never from the law and religion. As J Baxter Kruger observes, ‘If eternal life is knowing the Father, as Jesus teaches us (John 17.3), then eternal death is not knowing the Father … Sin has to do with being blind and being so profoundly wrong-headed that it is impossible for us to know the Father.’

If we have been schooled in ‘the law’ as ‘our Father’ we will not ‘know’ our Father or His Son. Neither will be know ourselves or each other. We will exist as a fellowship of ghosts. By remaining in an old covenant mindset we enclose ourselves in eternal death, spiritual blindness and false knowledge of the Father of the kind Paul calls ‘this body of death.’

‘O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?’
Rom 7.24 NIV.

Sin is much more than transgression of the law. It is alienation from our Father. Sin is separation from God and from our true selves. By living in the law or an attachment to laws we live in this separation and call it ‘our religion.’ But in God we see our glory.

Life in Christ is not some new and clever iteration of the law or the imbuing of Jewish rites and ceremony with the Spirit of Christ. Our life in Christ has never been a rubbing of Holy Spirit oil into the old wineskin of law and old covenant. Why? Because Christ our life is Christ as the new and living way. Not a novel way of extending Adam or breathing new life into Moses. In Christ we are installed in the life of the trinity and the life of the trinity bubbles up from inside us to make us who we are as sons. Today because of our new covenant inheritance the life of God is in is and we are the life of God.

Attempts to find life in days and times or new modes of being the church are fundamentally mistaken. The Kingdom of God is not about venues but about Trinitarian life as our life. Christ is our life. In Him we are rooted in the trinity. All genuine life, real community and genuine innovation flows from this Hub of spirit and life into us when this is what we are joined to. But not when we connect ourselves to hubs of the flesh. This is to say that if Christ is not our life we will never be His church that is alive –whether we are in a café or a lunge room.

‘The horrible thing about being spiritually blind is that you don't know that you cannot see properly, and you cling to your way of seeing with a vengeance. You defend your darkened understanding as if it is the only truth in the universe. For to you it is. Anything else is inconceivable’ C. Baxter Kruger