Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


In the new creation life of Jesus we really are a new creation. Here’s why.

Some people are able to be themselves in innocence and contentment. Not because they are better or richer than others but because they are able to live in self-acceptance that is grounded in Deep Grace.

There’s a kind of self-acceptance; a pseudo variety that is striven for in the flesh. The ‘I’m ok, this is me, get used to it’ variety does not come from grace or from genuine humanity. It comes from ignorance, impatience with thoughts not our own, rebellion against our better self and opposition to the spirit of Christ. It is against the wholeness that beckons and which we could possess, if we were not so opinionated. Some people are known as ‘battle-axes’ for a reason.’

The grace of Jesus, our Father and Holy Spirit is not self-serving. It is not offered to you so that you will be what someone wants. It is offered out of a deep love and appreciation of you as a person. Jesus is more interested in you than in the conformity of you to a pattern. The fact is however, that you will be a nicer person, valued more by yourself, when hidden in Christ. This is the bonus. The reality is that God desires you for yourself.

There’s huge contentment in being found in Christ and not having a righteousness of our own. It’s wholesome and rounded. It forms you into the unique person you are with grace and the ability to love others. You get to have a real identity when swallowed by the presence and love of God. You are not suffocated. You are in-breathed with the Spirit of our Father and the reality of yourself in spirit and in truth. The latter simply means the real you being really alive with no guff and pretence.

You can have a real identity grounded in God with the effect of being your genuine self or you can strive to build an identity. This is to say you work on forming who you are by adding stuff to yourself like a religious identity, special brands, designer clothes, the right address, certain manners and other emblems of respectability. But we can do all this and still be a git.

There are pleasures to be had in having good things. They are not bad in themselves but they are not a replacement for a real identity and a unique persona. With Christ as your life you can have real peace, a genuine sense of self and the satisfaction of being who you are and not a clone of others in the church or in the market place.