Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


We can make a ministry giving out pieces of religion. Or we can minister that infinite freshness known as spirit and life. Jesus came to offer us life to the full, also called ‘life without limit.’ The bottom line is that we will not enjoy the fullness of spirit and life unless we are a daughter or a son – not notionally but in spirit and in truth. This is to say we will not be fully human or fully alive and living in our potential if we are not living in what God achieved for us in Jesus Christ. God, as in the trinity, formed a divine conspiracy to draw humans into their fellowship to ensure that their vision for the sons of God would be realised in you and me. In Him is life to the full. Not half full or one eighth full. Life without limit is on tap.

The trinity is the womb of existence for you and the creation. Adam came forth from this fellowship. His form may have been dust but his nature was God – a son of God. When God breathed into Adam He breathed Himself into His being and Adam became a son of God. Significantly Jesus breathed on the disciples in memory of this and in declaring the new creation. The society that springs from Christ – the Kingdom of God was never an afterthought. Adam’s faltering was planned for and a plan was put in place whereby the sin that flowed from His fall would be annulled, the death would be undone and spirit and life would multiply through Christ in you and in all who received Him. This life flowing from the trinity; this spirit and life builds the new creation.

In being Himself, Jesus revealed our Father to such an extent that to see Jesus is to see our Father. His death on the cross and resurrection – all part of the divine conspiracy - joined us in spirit and in truth to God so that our oneness was not notional but real and established forever. The new covenant is our union with God.

This at-one-ment was more than a judicial acquittal for sin and guilt. It was the undoing of separation and the fulfilment of the plan for God and humanity to be one. Joined to God and one with Him by The One Spirit all who choose Jesus can live in innocence and freedom growing up into the fullness of Jesus and the glory of themselves to manifest the glory of our Father as the sons and daughters of God.

But the basis of this new creation life is that Adam’s death culture is undone and Jesus life is multiplied. None today need drag about Adam’s body of death. Yet some do either unintentionally or because it is embedded in their church tradition.

If Jesus is the Vine, the trinity of which we are apart is the root and the garden. As living branches of the Vine we are joined to the hub of life. He we are woven in to the spirit and life, the fellowship and all that overflows as the celebration of life without limit from the Trinitarian hub of the universe.

The anointing and gifts of the Spirit are the effect of our union with Father. Never a thing in themselves. They are a not a distinct religious phenomena that can exist in separation from our union with Father. Neither are they are replacement for new covenant living. They draw their agency from our union with Father.

One with God in our doctrine minds and hearts, we are sons in spirit and in truth. With our spirit joined to His Spirit we are infused with the nature and life of God and we do what Father is doing because we are part of Him. This union is also the reason that we have the Spirit without limit. In the Spirit of Sonship we multiply Jesus where we are. We do more than offer pieces of virtue. We are apostolic ministers of the spirit and life of Father.