Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


What comes out of your being? Effort, information or spirit and life? Jesus said, ‘Out of your inner being will come rivers of living water.’ But only if Jesus is your inner life. Not if your entire life consists of externalities - which means you don’t have an inner life.

Contrary to what many think the Kingdom is not about doing good and avoiding evil - with Jesus help. That is Christianity for many people. Sadly it’s not the Kingdom. The kingdom is not about morality or self-justification – not unless we have been raised in a culture of law or the more modern equivalent: The Try Harder Mentality. Why is Jesus burden easy and light and not tiresome and prescriptive as many would have it? Because when Christ is your life you are fruitful spontaneously as in being who you are and doing what you were born to do. The new covenant is the spirit of Jesus manifest as you. The church Jesus builds is the fullness of Himself made real in His people.

The new covenant is not us doing Moses with a Jesus super-charger. The Kingdom is Jesus’ life as you. This is what it means when by Christ coming in the flesh – firstly as Mary’s son and secondly in you which brings many sons to glory.

This spirit and life is so uncontrived and intuitive, yet at times so annoying to the religious man – to the one who needs to demonstrate his self-worth to himself, to others and to God. But there is no life in this regimen. Mainly because what we are doing is about us and our need for self justification. This is why we need a Sabbath life more than a Sabbath day. At rest in Jesus and being ourselves with no need to prove anything we live in our identity and not someone else’s. We do what we are born to do and what we love to do because this is our heart. Christ in us results in rivers of living water flowing from our inner being. Sure we may plan things but they will be uncontrived, natural and fresh with the Spirit of Freedom.

What is your core? Abstractions? Positions on good and evil? A need to be god and fix the world? You are graced with Christ’s life. You need act only in your area of authority. The sector of the Kingdom over which you are called to rule is the area of your design – which meshes perfectly with your design and purpose for which you were seen and known before creation.

‘This one who is life itself was revealed to us, and we have seen him’ 1 John 1.2 NIV.

When Jesus spoke of living water flowing from His disciples He was speaking about the very thing He came to achieve: The multiplication of the life of His Son in you. The plan is to to re-create human beings as the expression of His son. Jesus lived to express His Father. The everlasting gospel is Father expressing Himself in His sons.

This happens as Jesus lives His life as us and particularly as we invite Him to do this.
This is impossible should we be living from a belief system, a set of performance criteria or the law. These can multiply the knowledge of good and evil. But they cannot multiply Christ’s life in you or in anyone. The law can produce rivers of sand but never rivers of living water. So don’t promote and a gospel that captures people in the religious bondage many people live in all their lives as if this is where Jesus has put them. No. He came to set these kinds of captives free.

‘Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them’ John 7.38 NIV.

Jesus is not the means of keeping the law. He is your life and the means of making you alive as a son and a daughter. The law of the Spirit of life is Christ in you. It is
Jesus expressed as you. This is the river of life that comes out of your being.