Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Our human condition lures us into living in the shadow instead of the reality. We have these structures and routines and we accord them life. But in so doing we allow them to suck life from ourselves and we end up with a drought of spirit and life. When Christ is our life we are life-giving spirits igniting all we touch with unrelenting life. This is not a titanic work of try-hard flesh mastery. It means resting in Christ and allowing His Spirit to be our life and the witness to ourselves and others. We are carnal Christians when we live out of Christianity. Spiritual sons when Christ is our life. The reality is Christ. You may be surprised how many think a charitable work has significance because it is a charitable work. It has Kingdom power and life when it is clothed in spirit and life.

‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV.

Only the Son knows the Father and only the Father knows the Son. They have this fellowship of being, this union of heart and spirit that is ours in our new covenant spirit of sonship. Here we are only doing what Father is doing because we are one – not divided and separated as under law and religion.We can minister with precision and fruitfulness. In the new covenant we are one with our Father and in the same position as Jesus. We do what Father is doing because we are His expression as daughters and sons. In addition we have Holy Spirit to guide and enlighten through various kinds of specific revelation.

In the new covenant Christ is our life. Not the means to our life but our life Himself. We are no longer separated from God. Through Jesus we are in fellowship with the trinity in heaven. And they have made their habitation in us. We are joined to God in heaven and on earth. Our part is to live in this union that already belongs to us.

‘I have given them the glory you gave me, so they may be one as we are one’ John 17.2 NIV. The glory is to be a son in spirit and in truth. Not notionally or in separation as under the law but in the new and living way of Christ our life. Your glory is to be yourself because you are son in the Fatherhood of God.

This is our inheritance. But we need to embrace it. If we have kept the mindset of the law or we hold to some element of the law or have made some addition to Christ, we have negated what is ours in our minds. In life we create our own reality and live in what we have created. This is why we need to live in spirit and in truth in the gospel of the Kingdom rather than in some diluted or revisionist version of the gospel of Christ and the apostles.

Some communities live in an artificial separation from God because they live in the law. Others live in new covenant grace but do not participate in the power of Holy Spirit. In this case, our relationship with God is dulled and our spiritual authority dimmed. We can find ourselves surrounded by a cloud of death rather than spirit and life.

Jesus had authority that differed from the paralysis of the scribes because He and His Father were one. Today we have Jesus’ relationship with His Father. We can know as Jesus knew and do as Jesus did. We are not seeing through a glass darkly unless we are living by choice in separation rather than union with God. We are not duffers in discernment unless we are living in pious waffle rather than in the spirit of wisdom and revelation.


When we live in the gospel of Christ and the apostles we are living in the fullness of Kingdom provision. We are not living in the fruitfulness of only doing what Jesus is doing just because we have a ministry. Such ministries can be the result of grace and Father’s desire to draw us into more of His Son. If we are serious about ‘leading’ we will have followed Father, Son and holy Spirit into new covenant union. Our fruitfulness in these ‘graces’ is small in comparison to what it would be if we were to live in a complete Christ and an unabridged gospel of the Kingdom. The depth of the root determines the shoot. Life in the Spirit and the His gifts cannot be sustained when we are rooted in old testament assumptions. The Kingdom will not grow in this soil. Here the incarnation is negated and the oneness with our Father is not ours. (Actually it is. But not having the mind of Christ we are not living in it). Repentance can involve abandoning what we have always believed. It can mean Letting go of ‘veils’ in order to be embraced by what Jesus believes about Himself and about you!