Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Ross Gittins, wrote in The Age on Tuesday, June 6, ‘We are trying – admittedly, without much success so far – to make our home a Tr*mp-free zone. It's just too depressing. Watching a great nation disgrace itself before the rest of the world …
A nation that every year scoops the pool of Nobel prizes, electing a crazy, ignorant, wilful old man, not so much Trump as Chump.

My recent posts have been written amidst the furore instigated by Margaret Court’s negative remarks about gay marriage and its support by Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce. As a result she has been assaulted by a barrage of humanist bigotry and media bullying by boring and insensitive journalists who think they are privy to wisdom. They go with the with the flow and the wisdom of the common herd and seem oblivious of the fact that once people universally believed that the earth was the centre of the universe. But it was not. Truth is never determined by what the majority believe. Truth is what is real.

Revulsion against homosexuality is not a phobia. The attempt to cast it as a mental aberration is a slight of hand designed to excuse what it is: A genuine distaste for perversion that is not only a natural human reaction, a concern to see humanity elevated and not degraded, and an innate revulsion arising from the Spirit of God in people.

People have homosexual desires because they do. It’s not because they chose to, as some fundamentalists assert. Sure, some will try anything and do. Others live in an anomie – a moral vacuum without contours other than if it feels good and it makes me happy then let’s do it. I have not looked up any scriptures on homo-sexual prohibitions but I know Paul makes reference to such lust in Romans. What I do know is that it would be difficult to prove from the Bible that homosexuality is worse than worshiping the idol of materialism or idol of religion that so engrosses many Christians. Some of these are so absorbed in money-making that they are one with those who are destroying the earth. But I digress.

Homosexuality and gay marriage are evils not only because they are perverse. They degrade us because they deny the fact that wholeness flows from difference, from the intimate interplay of difference in similarity that is found in the trinity and reflected in straight marriage. It takes a married man and a woman to reflect the image of God. In being a marriage they are reflecting the unity in diversity of the trinity. This is why a Believer marries a woman and why when a woman bears a child she is manifesting a new whole in the child that resulted from their union.

Does this mean we should condemn sin and sinners? Not if we follow Jesus’ example. He never promoted Himself as a moralist. He offered Himself as forgiveness and life. As a result the core sin for Jesus was rejecting Him. As the life and the light of the world Jesus is the source of human dignity, wholeness and pleasure. Once we agree that Christ is life, about life and offering Himself as the life of the world we are liberated from, anti-sin-mongering, hating gays and thinking we are pleasing an angry God by being angry for Him.

Condemning sinners is not of God. Dying for them is.

In my recent posts I have emphasised that the Kingdom Jesus began is not a kingdom of moral conformity or morality. It’s a Kingdom of life and love; of human dignity, joy and pleasure. Jesus transforms people – not by moralising at them but by living in them and sharing His being with them. We become like Him because He like us, lives in us and imparts His person by His spirit into our being. He does all this while encircling us with His grace. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus because He is life to the full and there is not one smidgeon of life of self-improvement in condemnation.

If Christians had understood that the Kingdom Jesus began is not the knowledge of good and evil with a Jesus face they might have been discerning enough not to have voted for Mr Trump. They might not have made such a demented decisions and exposed themselves as lacking in wisdom and genuine holiness. In foisting Trump on the nation and the world Christians have much to repent of and much to alter in what they assume is the Kingdom Jesus began.

The Kingdom is not moralism. It is not doing good and abstaining from evil with Jesus help. It is His life as ours. His life for the world and to be manifested in the world. If you are a moralist you will focus on the most obvious transgression and gloss over the others – particularly if you are part of the others and these others comprise your self-interest. So I’ll be direct. The Kingdom of God embraces more than sexual morality and a presidents stance on Israel. As a Kingdom it involves everything there is. A first step here is obtaining the mind of Christ. A second step might be a reading of Proverbs where wisdom and Godliness are seen to be the same thing. There’s a scripture somewhere there that goes like this: The whole world groans when a fool becomes king. It groans even more when it is seen that it if folly disguised as godliness that elected him.