Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world



You are special because God made you and you are you. God has always had a special persons - special not because they wore the right jeans but special because they were who they are as an expression of the Son and our Father. We are special not because we have an ideology, a message or belong to a segment of religion but special because we are captive to God. We have union with God.

We think of Enoch, Moses and David in the Old Testament. Then we have Paul and John in the new. The former witnessed under the old covenant in being loyal to God as themselves and their uniqueness. The latter excelled in their portrayal of the great advances Father has achieved for us in Christ. John in unwrapping the Living word made flesh and Paul in revealing Christ our life. Both were teaching the grand reality of the New Testament age: You in Christ and positioned in the heavenly Family. The incarnation of God in you, in us, as the church and the regenerating power of the new creation.
‘This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God’ 1 John 4.2 NIV.

Connected to the law we do not heal and never become whole. There is no new creation power in the law and old covenant. Only the decay, chaos and death originating in Adam. Never look to a connection with the law for access to revelation. In this mode we can unwittingly surround ourselves with a climate of death. We can discourse on ‘the gifts’ in the letter that kills while elaborating on the things of the Spirit. But we do not progress. There is no advance into the fullness of Christ. And we live to a pattern of false starts and dormant finishes.
Nothing can separate us from the spirit-life of God except our choice - the choice to maintain our mind over Christ’s mind.
You might be surprised at how many attempt to operate in the gifts and hear from God while living in the separation of the old covenant and law. Even so, God does not ignore them. But the channel is constricted, the hearing vitiated and the results feeble. Old covenant soil cannot sustain spiritual discernment and revelation let alone the Kingdom. This Kingdom is entirely the result of we and Father being one.

With Christ in us we are one with God and indwelt with the power of an infinite life. Here by the Spirit the person of Jesus is manifest as your being. We are privy to unsullied revelation and are able to know and do what Father is doing now. But don’t expect to know this if we are still living in pre-cross separation. Union with Father is the mind of Christ and the life of daughters and sons.
Any teaching, gospel, part gospel or doctrine that diminishes instead of enlarging life, does not come from God. This means that any ‘revelation’ that replaces any of Jesus with ‘the letter that kills’ is a cunningly devised fable. It’s a plan to make Jesus less and leave Christians debilitated and impotent while living an illusion that they are special. Always distinguish the Gospel of the Kingdom from Other Gospels.
‘He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant--not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life’ 2 Cor 3.6 NIV.

Any Believer who lives Christ as their life is richer in God resources than the heroes mentioned above. While friends of God and influenced by His Spirit, God lived in none. Today He lives in you. The whole trinity does.
The anointing of the new covenant is more permeating and more powerful in this age than any interaction with God in pre-cross times. Not only is Christ in you. The trinity lives in you. We are called to live in the reality of their life in us - not in religion and not in the law. Let's be clear. The attempt to live from Christian routines is as much living in the law that Jesus replaced and Paul rejected as clinging to Moses and His laws. You have an unhindered life that is entirely Christ as you!

Gifts, miracles and signs, as needful as they are not the core of new testament life. The foundation is you and Father being one. This is new covenant. This is the authority you have that is different to the scribes and purveyors of religion.
Live in in your union with God sonship and the rest falls holistically into place. Charismata disconnected from our sonship in Father ends in futility and nonsense. Christ has come in your flesh and expresses Himself through you not just for miracles of power and not just for righteousness. But so that you are the life of God. This is the real meaning of being A SON.
He is the means whereby the fellowship of the trinity is yours and the nature of the trinity IS YOU. Jesus is the one in whom you are joined to God. In Jesus you and Father are one. You are a son of God in spirit and in truth and not notionally as we are in religion. You have the relationship with Father that Jesus has and it's called living in the spirit of sonship.
‘Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is’ 1 John 3.2 NIV. If we imagine that sexual sins and perversions are the main or only sins we have a very limited view of righteousness. Many bleat about homosexuality yet promote an unjust and wicked world politico-economic system - a system that condemns millions to poverty, benefits the few and sucks the life from the earth.

The kingdom of God is not primarily a kingdom of moral positions. It's the Kingdom of life in Jesus. In His life we are enfolded in the life of God, in His love, acceptance and transformation. People changed because they are loved. Not because they are condemned. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. None at all. Pressure, manipulation and attempts to control do not represent the Spirit of Christ. The use of political pressure – the arm of the flesh - is carnal and our methods are not carnal. Any effect not initiated by the Spirit of Jesus is of the flesh, ill-advised, and ultimately anti-Christ. This is because His Kingdom is not the regime of good and evil with Jesus added. It's our life in God achieved - not through moral acceptability - but by grace and the Spirit manifest as us.

Fathers obsession is not about your performance. It is you. You are Father’s obsession and passion. Jesus represents you, represents all of us in every possible way. There is no link between you and God that is up to you to forge. Jesus is that link. He is every link. You are in Him, what He is to Father He is to you.

Many Believers live from Christianity when they could be living from Christ. Christianity is a religion. Christ in you is not. Neither is Christ our life. The Kingdom is His life as yours. This is the Kingdom Jesus began. His life manifest as His church. Don’t mistake institutionalism for the church Jesus builds. To represent what Jesus stands for He must be our life as our Father was His life. This is our inheritance. It is ours by the Spirit of Sonship. Not because we have earned anything. But because Jesus earned for us and expressed His life in us as our life. You are special because you are in God, in His Family and He is in you. You are special because Christ has come in your flesh to manifest Himself in you.