Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Real life is a state of being. Like being a son of God. A life constructed from what we do is not a life in the Kingdom sense. All Kingdom life comes from who we are – a state of being where we are filled with spirit and life because we are one with God. We can make what we call a Christian life through activism and good works. Or by observances. Yet we will not be alive in spirit or soul. Describing such a non-life as your Christian Life, it may be, but it is not the Kingdom Jesus established.

A business woman once remarked on her life of ceaseless activity. She said, ‘I got home and no-one was there.’ It’s the same in religion. In observances the radio is on but no one is home. But if Christ is our life He is in us and more. The trinity have made their home in our being.

The real you is always there and present when you are a son.

Since the cross and Pentecost we are joined to God. As sons we are part of His life. We are sons in spirit and truth in Father. As a result we are who we are in our uniqueness and presentation of the spirit of life.

Once in a prayer meeting a woman heaped praise on a man because he was so busy in doing church . I followed on by thanking God for Jim, and saying that Jim was loved by God because he was ‘Jim’ and not because he was earning approval with God or his peers. In Father’s sight you are valued because you are you – not because you did something.

An unfortunate fact of church life is that those who are the most busy are at times the least spiritual, the most calcified in religion and the most opposed to God in issues of revival and increased companionship with Jesus. They cling to their pseudo-life and oppose the life of God.

No fullness to see here. You can rely on them to oppose each move of God while perpetuating church as normal – especially since such moves entail less of them and more God. Those who release the most spirit and life are the most peaceful and fruitful. They have found contentment in just being in God and so being themselves as a channel of spirit and life.

Jesus told of the Sower who went forth to sow. Fruitfulness depended on the soil, its depth and the ability of the seed to flourish unimpeded by anything. The lesson: Those rooted in our Father multiply spirit and life.

The obsessive activist gets her self-worth and validation from performing, sometimes caught in the bind of paying back Jesus for what He has done. But such a mind-set is not the kingdom of God. It’s the kingdom of this world where we establish little colonies of performance and control in order to commend ourselves to God.

‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV.

Christ in you is Spirit and life. Christ is your life. Be in Him. Rest in Him. Be one with Father in Him. This is the ground of the Spirit without limit.

Real life comes from who and what we are rather than what we are doing. Paul wrote, ‘In Him we live and move and have our being.’ Our life is in Jesus’ life. Our movements are Father’s moves expressed in us. Our identity is ‘son.’ Our being is filled with contentment and purpose that comes from and what God means us to be doing. Not what our fractured mind or the minds of carnal Christians mean us to be doing.

Beware those whose obsession is ‘church growth.’ Father’s emphasis is your growth in ‘You are the Christ, the Saviour of the world. This is the rock on which His church is built – built without human hands with people like you as the expression of Jesus. This kind of church is Jesus writ large.

We are alive when Christ is our life. Dead when He is not. It is stultifying to live as pastors, leaders and church members when we have no inner life. In this state of being we operate out of illusion, self-interest and fear of not being appreciated by the public eye. And we are not in spirit and life. We are outside it in the husk of externalities. All of us have an inheritance that is union with God. Living in externalities instead of this union makes us rigid about religion and prone to continue our search for life in religious substitutes and alternatives.

Christ our life is not living a Christian life. It is His life as ours. It is Jesus BECOMING US, yet us maintaining our individuality and distinctiveness as daughters and sons. Many Believers live Christianity but ‘Christianity’ is not Christ. CHRIST OUR LIFE IS CHRIST. This is incarnation manifest as us. Should we settle for religion we have insulated ourselves from the comfort of God, the joy of being ourselves and have separated ourselves from spirit and life. This is what it means to drag about a body of death in the name of God. But know this: Jesus not only lives in us. He is multiplied through us!