Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


You can do routine things that are not dead. A degree of certainty saves a lot of time and effort. What counts is neither novelty or reinventing church and its services. The key is Christ our life. Don’t confuse this with Christianity because this is not Christ our life. That’s a culture and a system. Live from this and we will be dead folks walking.

When Jesus rose from the dead He resurrected all dead things. Religion was undone and life itself was released into to the spirits of men and women. But not life an an abstraction either. The Holy Family took up residence in those who believe. Jesus in company with Holy Spirit and Father has drawn us into their life. Not only this but they live in us in person.

This is the new covenant where Christ is your life and you and us who believe are the expression of the fullness of God personally active within us. This is how we get to have the Spirit without limit. Because the trinity are in us we are spirit and life in person. Now we have the capacity to release Christ’s resurrection spirit into all we do. So our routine things can be ignited as well as be the habitation of the Spirit-Presence of God.

The things is to make the main thing, the main thing. It’s Christ who is our life. The trinity who is our indwelling. Our union with God personally and as the church is the big deal of the New Testament age. Christ as you becomes Christ as us and Christ as us becomes the new creation realm of Kingdom harmony and life-giving agency.

Living from our union with God we are life-giving spirits igniting things about us with the spirit-life of heaven. Jesus heals individuals as a sign that He means to heal society, the biosphere and the earth. Don’t ever imagine that healing and signs are for the furtherance of religiosity. Jesus loves the world and intends to transform it through people like you. The staring place is to ensure that we are alive in the union that has been won for us. What is this union? It is that you and our Father are one.