Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Before the cross humanity was separated from God. Adam chose to distrust God and what he got was separation. When Jesus cried, 'It is finished!' separation was finished. Adam's realm was over. Our life in God was begun… again.  Jesus' union with Father became our union and His life in God became our life in God.

The new covenant may be expressed in various ways. One expression of it is Galatians 2.20. Another is 'Christ our life.' Jesus sets out the beauty of our companionship with Father in John 17. This is a passionate prayer and a declaration of what the new covenant would be. It’s difficult to be passionate about being one with a belief system. Not difficult being passionate about union with God!

We cannot hide the effect of an attachment to law. Connected to it we will always be somewhat dead. In the new covenant we are one with the Person of Life Himself. Here we may have few formal spiritual resources. But we will always be alive and never dead. There’s nothing sadder than a sincere ‘dead person talking.’


The new covenant is not listed anywhere because it is not a thing of the letter. It's a state of being in which we and Father are one - we live in Him and He in us. This union with God is ours whether we believe it or not. It is our inheritance. Just as in Adam all sinned, in Christ we all have been made alive by being positioned in His life and fellowship.

But you have to believe it. You cannot earn it because God has already given you this new and living way of life without limit. You can’t earn it but you do have to believe it and embrace it so that it is your possession - your lived in inheritance.

People might add to Christ with prescriptions and embellishments of their own because they think that in Himself He is not enough. Do this and you will insulate yourself and others from the raw life that is found in the presence of God. The result: Dead men talking.


It’s not sincerely held beliefs that make us rivers of living water. It’s union with God. Old covenant mindsets distance us from God. They prevent intimacy with Jesus because we exist in a separation mindset. Our mindset creates the reality in which we live. As a result we possess a separation life - a life near but not one with God.  

The key to power evangelism is not ‘method’. Nor is it the gifts of Holy Spirit. It’s more basic than that. It’s union with God. We possess this union not because we have earned it but because we have believed it!


Lie naked with your wife in the marriage bed and you will produce a baby. Relate to God covered in the overcoats of law and religion and you will reproduce religion. That which we reproduce is determined by what we are married to. The imparted life of God is not the knowledge of good and evil expertly presented. Spirit and life is the unimpeded flow of life and revelation from the heart of the trinity through you.

You can speak words of spirit and life simply by being a person - if you have followed Jesus into His new covenant oneness with Father.We can live from religion and be dead men talking. Then again we can live ‘I and the Father are one’ and minister resurrection life.

One with God we speak with clarity and certainty. We speak words of spirit and life. Attached to the law we can only have a blurry view of God. As a son of the law we can only present a muffled impression of God. Union with God births daughters and sons. Affiliation with the law breeds spokespersons for religion. We can fill a page or a forty minute segment with a slab of religion. As a son we can we can fill every opportunity with spirit and life. Our life imparting ability quotient depends on what we are sons of. As sons of the law we can multiply religion. As sons of God with no intervening barriers like the law, religion or the fog of the knowledge of good and evil, we can impart life on every occasion. Because we are life.

The life of the Son is manifest as you!

Don't bury your head in the sand of your past assumptions and misguided traditions. You choose the reality you live in by agreeing with the reality established by Christ - not the false reality purveyed by the Enemy which is the reality of dead flesh. You have a life filled with the spirit and life of truth and resurrection power. Disavow the body of death you may have been schooled in. Align your mind with the mind of Christ and live in His glorious life of oneness with Father and fellowship with Holy Spirit. You are in good company. Live in it!