Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


My friend is in India right now. He is ministering in the authority of Jesus continuing what we have been authorised to do as a nation of kingly priests. We have been made so in Jesus because we both reign over circumstances and the Enemy and His works. We put wrongs to right in the continuation of the ministry Jesus began. In the places where my friend is ministering it is not uncommon for up to 30 people to be healed in one session. This is normal to the minds of those who see themselves more as replicants of Jesus than simply members of a church. It was never Jesus’ intention for His authority and power to fade and morph into institutionalism. The church was intended to be Jesus multiplied, Jesus writ large and Jesus in us as a nation of kings and priests.

I was in India myself last February. We saw similar healings and learned of two women who had been healed of cancer as a result of prayer in their house churches. One of these women had been raised from the dead some years back as a seventeen year old. I asked an Indian pastor why healing was so common in India and less so in The West. He opined that that in India there are less natural supports for individuals and the family. As a result people are more desperate for God.

There are of course people in Australia and other places who hunger for God and see Jesus as their daily bread. I would like to say that these Christians are in the majority, but sadly they are not. Some are not because they are absorbed in their daily routine, their job, their career and getting their kids educated. This is not a bad thing. It’s just not a life in God. We can do these things when Jesus is our life and ignite all we do with His spirit and life. It’s not one thing or the other. No dichotomy here. It’s Christ our life. The trinity is incarnated in our being and we are an expression of God. So live it!

But some live in ‘the great darkness.’ They are subsisting in the idea that we are still separated from God and that it is up to us to get with Him or lure Him into our presence. Fact is we have been include in His – His what? His presence.

But what do people do. They make a kind of life out of ‘Christianity.’ Or they attempt a knowledge of God through church attendance. Faint though this knowledge maybe it reveals to them little of God and even less about themselves and their potential glory as the sons and daughters of God. They simply plod along on the conveyor belt they called church. The result is that many are unhealed they become no more than phantoms of their true glory, not really knowing God or themselves. The Kingdom of God is not Christianity because it is not religion. It is Jesus as you!

David Kowalick writes,

‘All glory originates from God and in the end points back to God. God is somehow revealed in the unique glory of every created thing. Ducks, for instance, have ‘duck glory.’ Duck glory is seen when ducks simply are ducks and do what ducks do. Each species of duck has a distinct contribution to make to our understanding of ducks and every individual adds yet another subtle nuance to overall duck glory. We can understand something of the nature of God in the life of a duck but only to the degree that a duck has the capacity to reveal God as He really is.’

Law and old covenant does not reveal God as He really is. To the contrary it shrouds God and cripples us. God is no longer ministering the law and the old covenant. He left that behind when Jesus cried ‘IT IS FINSIHED! Now Father ministers His Son. He has ministered Him into you by the Spirit of Sonship.

The cross divides history. It draws a line between a life in the knowledge of good and evil and a life in God. This is a fundamentally cosmic dichotomy replete with contrast and repudiation of the old. Life post cross is not an adjustment to the law. It’s not the law with Jesus’ help. It is Christ manifest as you.

Where once humans lived in the knowledge of good and evil and the law, now they would live in the person of Christ. God would live in people. Jesus would manifest Himself in all who chose Him. Christ would be the life of every person and the life of the world as those who live in Him manifested themselves as the new creation.

To call a person an ‘old duck’ is not to offer a compliment. It is to say that the person may be somewhat crippled, slow of mind and behind the times. It is to define that person as much less than they could be. My point is that as Believers we can waddle like ducks or we can fly like eagles as sons of God. We come into our glory as human beings, as sons of God when Christ is our life.

What we become depends on our relationship to God – which is to say our spiritual formation depends on our view of God, on a correct understanding of what He has done for us and our view of ourselves as a result. What becomes of as persons depends on the extent to which we are reproduced in God’s image as sons. Every human being is a son of God. But not all of us live in the Spirit of Sonship because we do not live in God. We delude ourselves if we think we can live from the law and the spirit of sonship simultaneously. Paul tells us in Galatians that in the law we are slaves and outside our inheritance as sons of God.

‘But what does Scripture say? "Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman's son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman's son’ Gal 4.30 NIV.

A person is more than a compilation of good and acts and the absence of bad ones. To be a good person is to be yourself to the fullest extent. This is to realise your glory. The glory of God is seen in the face of Christ. The glory of Jesus’ face is seen in your face.

Many try to live God from the church and their involvement in it. But the church is not God. Some try to live God by involvement in good causes. But these are not God either. They are us. Others having never exited the old covenant into the new and remain existing from the law. But the law is not God because He is not an abstraction but a person. Neither God nor you can be known through the law. But praise be to God, God is known through Jesus Christ. And so are we. To see God is to know Jesus. To know Jesus is to know yourself.