Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Many Believers have been socialised into at best a humdrum life and at worst a joyless existence focussed on a glowering head-master god who is separate from us, always pained at our doings and obsessively checking to see if we have crossed every ‘t’ and dotted every ‘I’ in the ‘righteousness grammar.’ Some have been persuaded to believe in a law-obsessed gospel where The Law rather than THE GOD WHO IS LOVE is the primary entity in the cosmos.

Others have advanced the unscriptural claim that Jesus lived from the law and ministered to uphold it. He did nothing of the kind. He lived from His Father, acted to reveal Father’s true nature and fulfilled all His Father set for Him to do. But this is not what has come to us from the Christian Industry, the myths of religion or the cunningly devised fables designed to dilute our Christ, degrade humanity and subvert the new creation. Thankfully many have never accepted this humbug. Yet thousands of Believers have doggedly persisted in this faint version of ‘life to the full’ as though it came from God.

‘The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons’ 1 Tim 4. 1 NIV. Could it be that although we are not demon possessed we are possessed by their doctrines and their dilution of the cross and our inheritance in Him”

Either Jesus is light and life to the full or the Bible is a lie. Since the Bible is not a lie but the word of God - much of what we call ‘our religion’ must be a lie.

Certainly, when we compare the myths and veils to the rightly divided word of truth, the glory of our Father, the glory of Christ and the glory of our real identity and position in fellowship with the Holy Family, much of what many believe has to be seen as the doctrines of demons. If these veils did not come from God who did they come from? They came from the realm of the shadow.

But Christ in us is the hope and reality of glory of the kind that is realised in our new creation status of infinite growth – not in ourselves but through Christ our life. J Baxter Kruger writes,

‘Burning with the Father's love for us, inspired with the Spirit's fire, the Son ran to embrace our broken existence, baptizing himself into our blindness. He braved the seas of our darkness to come to us. Why? So that he could share with us his own communion with his Father in the Spirit, and we could know the Father with him, and taste and feel and experience life in His embrace.

You have a life of union with God, union with each member of the trinity and union with heaven. This is yours by the One Spirit, the spirit of reconciliation and the Spirit of Sonship. You don’t have to earn it. It is the gift of God that is eternal life. It’s not an abstraction but it is Christ in you, Christ your life. You can receive this with joy and walk in it. Then again you can live in the shadows of religion and the borderland of death. You are free to ignore the reality that is Christ. And to die even while you are alive.