Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


I have written of the glory of people before. People are glorious when their normally hidden yet unique self is revealed in its full potential. Towards the end of His ministry Jesus said to His Father, ‘I have shown them your glory.’ In being one with Father and fully Himself Jesus had revealed our Father by showing people who Father was. Later the author to the Hebrews was to say, that Jesus was the exact image of our Father.

It was in being the Son and ‘a son’ that Jesus revealed our Father and the glory of Himself, full of grace and truth. With Jesus as our life we will become gracious people, true to our Father and true to our genuine selves. This is the present and developing glory of Christ in us.

Life, personhood and glory are properties of persons. They flower fully in persons who live in God and in whom, God lives by the Spirit. Following Jesus and in His life we become the expression of our Father – full of grace and truth and fully ourselves. But we are not only ‘like Him.’ His presence is within and we are imbued with His spirit and life. Spirit and life is the difference between the old and the new covenant person. It is the difference between living as best as one can ‘religious’ and being who we are with glory. ‘Glory’ cannot be ours in the law. Our glory is muffled in religion. Our glory is suffocated when we live in anything that is not personally Jesus.

This is why Easter Sunday can be new life for many Believers as they embrace the resurrected Jesus as their life, get resurrected themselves and begin to have His life LIVE THEM and proceed from glory to glory.

You have union with God. Attached to the law in any way, we cannot enjoy the intimacy with Jesus that some people do. We remain separated and insulated from Him – by ourselves. The result is that we neither see Jesus clearly or know ourselves as we are. We have disqualified ourselves from our glory.

Some of us have held ‘positions’ all our lives that place us outside the fullness of who Jesus is for us and what Father and Spirit have positioned us to be through their life incarnated in us. Easter is a time when we can lay down these positions at the cross and step into our position in Jesus and the fellowship of the trinity. God as the trinity created us to share in their joy of life. One with God you will share in their joy. Sure, you will have challenges, possibly pain and some sorrow. But your reality is that you live the resurrected life with Jesus every day and at the end of your life in the body will transcend death to live with Jesus, the angels and the saints forever!