Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Good theology is our agreement with God about God - with His ideas about Himself and what He has done. Good theology is never really about theology. It is about Christ’s life as ours. God did not diffuse into the world as a theology. He came as His Son. Good theology is Christ our life. Bad theology is some add-on, some distinctive touted as an improvement to the teaching of the apostles.

In good theology the whole is more important than the parts - as it is in many things. In good theology we are in God - not in beliefs, behaviours and positions. Good theology is our alignment and agreement with the new covenant. Paul described this as Christ our life, Christ in you and ‘I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live because Christ lives in me.’ Bad theology, according to Paul is death presented as life, rubbish presented as nutrient and poo presented as the bread of life. Reveal yourself as a minister of the new covenant - not as a purveyor of substitutes for life God’s life.

When Jesus came among us, He was God’s life. By ourselves, among friends and in the face of the unbeliever, we are His life. We are His life when we are sons. But not His life when we are workers, slaves and purveyors of the knowledge of good and evil in Christ’s name.

Rooted in the law we will turn even the things of the Spirit into a formula. Connected to the law we will taint all we do with law, transforming what could have been alive into the letter that kills. But what is required is Christ in you and Christ through you. This is the spirit that overcomes all that is dead and of the world.

The anointing and life in the Spirit has no existence independent of our Father. A Spirit-filled ministry flourishes in the Spirit of Sonship - never from performance or religion. What counts is not some adherence to a matrix of behaviours. What counts is God’s life as you! Any Spirit-filled ministry rooted in the old covenant will eventually fade. Those who have the Son have life. He who has the Son has the Father and the Spirit without limit.