Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


I mentioned to Judy recently, not her real name, that many women worked too hard. Not because they were workaholics, although some certainly are. But because it takes resolve and is draining just to be a mother and a wife and a person with a job. People don’t get lined faces for nothing. I opined that God never meant any of us to work as hard as we do.

Judy did not receive my observation with a great deal of enthusiasm. She gets her self-worth and sense of identity through her work. Some of it is covertly ostentatious. Some of us complain about how tired we are, yet our complaints are made as a badge of honour. Others are unwilling to let Jesus be our spirit and life as described in Romans 8. Unwilling because we see this is robbing us of the entitlement we hoped to accumulate by paying back Jesus for the ordeal of His cross.

Jesus is our grace, our peace and our Sabbath rest. He didn’t become our life to place us under obligation. He did it from love and the sheer joy of life! Paul called Jesus our life. Theologians have called the all-encompassing nature of His life for ours, the
vicarious humanity of Jesus. Jesus, as is the entire trinity is totally for us.


Are you living in Christianity or is Christ your life? Do you live in your religion or does Christ express Himself through you? Are you a product of Christianity or are you a branch of Christ the vine? Do you have a belief system or are you and expression of Jesus. Are you an expression of the law or are you a son of God? ARE YOU A SON OR ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN EFFIGY?

Since Christ and Christ alone is our life we are living the Kingdom when we are living the King – which means His reign is expressed in us when He and not some derivative is our life. Living from anything not Christ cripples our identity and dulls our spirit.

The amazing simplicity of what Jesus established – the way, the truth and the life - is simply Himself. Jesus in you and Jesus as you. In the old testament people had the law. In the new testament we have Jesus. He is the law of the Spirit of Life. But this is not a list or Moses Ten Points. It is Christ expressed as you.

Did you know that Christ manifests as you? Did you know that Jesus life represents the life of every person who exists; that all can have His life as theirs simply by agreeing that this is so and inviting Jesus to be their life? Did you know that revelation never flows from those who live from the law. I comes from those who are one with Father. Who are those one with Father? All who believed in Jesus.

The Kingdom of God was never living in Jesus’ stuff. It is His life as yours. Here are some quotes I wrote down near the end of last year that are spirit and truth for this moment and season.

1 ‘Jesus has united human life, the life of God, the life of heaven and earth in Himself.’ It means you are embraced daughters. It means you are joined to the life of heaven in every moment of your day. It means you are never a nobody. You are a son/daughter of God. You are always in fellowship with God.

2 The battle of the ages is the battle for the mind. Will you believe propaganda from the father of lies? Or will you live in the fact that you and Father are one? ‘The battle of the ages is between the truth of union with God and lie of your separation from God.’ As Jesus said. ‘Just believe!’

3 ‘The greatest wound to your body, soul and spirit is your erroneous belief that you are separated from God.’

4 Don’t live in the illusion that you must find your way to God. The spirit of Greece attempts it through the head, legalists seek to achieve it through the law and many Christians attempt to do it through themselves. But Jesus has already united you with God. His ‘I and the Father are one’ relationship is your relationship. Eat Him.

5 ‘The gospel is not that we can receive Jesus into our lives. It is that we have been received into His!’

* The five points above have been paraphrased from J Baxter Kruger’s book, Patmos.