Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Megan was 86. Nevertheless she was up at eight, starting respectably early. Even though she had little to do in a house occupied most of the time only by herself. She had begun her main work: Proving to God and demonstrating to herself and society at large that she has earned the right to be respected. She had gained a passport to love.

But we already are desired. We are deeply loved. God delights in who we are and likes us – even though we may not like our selves. Sure we are imperfect and deformed in some ways. Often we carry a secret shame. We wonder how God could like us. But He does. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He is intent not only on taking us to heaven but removing the lies we have told ourselves about ourselves. He is resolved to undo the stigma others have placed on us and bring life to the mummified self – the self that comes from believing lies that come from the Father of Lies.

The main lie grasped by the Christian workaholic is that ‘I am not good enough.’ The supporting lie is ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ In this lie we can make an economically successful life. Yet we remain crippled on the inside, lonely for the comfort that comes from God alone and trudging daily on a treadmill that leaves the soul in dryness and without joy.


Then having been put-off by religion again may choose our own way. But in doing so we deny ourselves insight and knowledge of ourselves; we live out a pattern poor relational choices and stumble from crisis to crisis and sowing this into future generations. Unable to trust God and thinking we are unworthy of blessing anyway, we live out a spiritually peasant existence as a middle-class person caught in a survival mentality. Yet not only are we not economically poor. In our Father we have access to fullness of being and a wealth of spirit and life.

There is relief close at hand. God in Jesus Christ has penetrated our fog and entered our darkness to draw us into His light and His life. In Jesus we are IN THE LIFE OF GOD. As Jesus teaches us about Father we learn about ourselves. In the mind of Christ there is space to see ourselves, thing about ourselves and understand our surrounding with insight. People can be liberated from a horse-like work centered coma of un-knowing. We can gain insight into ourselves and gain wisdom about life. J
Baxter Kruger writes, of the independent work addicted soul..

‘Don’t you see how much emotional energy we use protecting ourselves,
hiding, keeping our facade stable, managing our inner world, trying to keep the wheels from coming off? The pain is real, and it is intolerable. Life becomes a long, self-centred quest to find relief. The presence of the Father’s Son in our darkness means it does not have to be this way. He brings a beautiful life for us to live.’

John tells us that Jesus is the light of the world – our light. Whoever embraces Him will not walk in darkness but have the light of life. This light is that you ALREADY BELONG and always will.