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The new covenant is not a theology like the designation between right and left in politics. It is what God did as the gospel of the Kingdom. Professor Fiona Wood is a plastic surgeon who has developed spray-on skin to reduce scarring and recovery time in burns patients. Professor Wood did not develop these advances because she lived from out-moded science or passé ideas. She developed life-saving techniques because she is a lover of life and not a prisoner of old ideas. In the Kingdom the new covenant is where the life is. The old covenant is where life never was.

We can obsess over the old or be too lazy to move into the new. We may be bogged in the old or envelop ourselves in the old because our identity is in out pet ideas. Then again we be passionate about life, immerse ourselves in life and pursue all that it true and fresh as healers and life-givers. This is why Paul implies that ministers of the new covenant are ministers of unlimited life. Jesus does not force us to follow Him into life without limit in His new covenant realm, but we should understand that if remain addicted to our received ideas we will become increasingly moribund and irrelevant to spirited life.

Not only do many Christians not know about the new covenant. Some denominations have made a religion from the old covenant and thus annulled almost all of what came to us after the cross. Why almost all of it? Because drops and splashes still land on our faces due to grace. But Jesus intends that we live in rivers of grace and truth - not just drops of grace.


God is not ‘out there.’ God is in you.

It’s unwise to absorb ourselves in generic churchism, be ignorant of the new covenant and be bogged up to the axle in the old covenant. To live in the old covenant in new covenant times is to ignore the witness of scripture, the testimony of Jesus, John and Paul and to stand in giant ignorance of what the trinity has combined to secure for us in their fellowship. To live from the old covenant is to live from a different gospel. It comes close to crucifying the son of God anew. Far from being ‘a theology,’ the new covenant is simply what God has done for humanity in the ministry of Jesus, the cross, resurrection and Pentecost.


The Fall eventuated because man took Satan’s mind over that of Father’s. There’s one narrative that applies and this is called the way. It’s the only way. The ploy of capturing Believers in the old covenant is a strategy that captures many in the fall when they have Christ’s resurrection in which to live. We are resurrected in Jesus to union with God. In Jesus we and Father are one. But we don’t have this if we are malingering in Adam’s mindset. The reality we live in comes from the narrative we believe. The notion of The Body of Christ is a notion more than a reality if we do not embrace our inheritance of oneness with God. We must possess Christ’s mind to be His body in spirit and in truth.

As part of His body, we are part of His being - so no separation here. We cannot insist on being old covenant believers separated by Adam’s old covenant alienation and Moses’ laws on stone - and be the Body. Unless we are a separate body or a tumour in the body. Divergent and out of control cells in the body are called cancers.


The reality of the Body of Christ as distinct from a notion in the letter is this: We are interwoven with God in the manner described by Jesus: “You will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you” John 14.20. This interwoveness is ours if we realize it and not if we don’t. As in all matters of salvation it depends on belief. Which is why Jesus insisted ‘Only believe!’ We create our reality by what we believe. This is why we need Christ’s gospel and not some fanciful invention that comes out of the mouth of the false prophet.


Stephen Crosby explains the superiority of the new covenant over the old. “
Paul writes of the glory of the ministration of the old covenant seen on Moses's face. As glorious as it was, it was fading. The glory of the new covenant is in the face of Jesus Christ and the privileges associated with a Father-Son relationship. Christ has pre-determined to share all that He is with the Father, to and in His people. The church is the fullness of Him that fills all in all (Eph. 1:23), not any singular believer. It is the corporate man, the body of Christ, the church, which is the full manifestation of the life of Christ, including the prophetic spirit.” (1)


When we remain in the old covenant mindset we remain in the degraded state of the fall. Tied to Adam we have not entered our aliveness with Christ but live in theoretical fellowship with God when we could have the interwoven communion that Jesus cites in John 14.20. Joined to Moses and his rules on stone our hearts are brittle and our souls wooden. Jesus will never write laws on people’s hearts. He writes Himself into our heart and into our being.


We will have an uphill battle being the Body of Christ unless we are living in our new covenant communion with the trinity. One must be joined to persons to fully be a person. Remaining in Adam and not being one with God, we are not one with ourselves or each other and neither can we be. Basic empathy is diluted and we are left to attempt in the flesh what could have been ours in the Spirit.

In the new covenant age we are one flesh with Jesus. Because this is His body given for us and living for us, we are one with Him in the Spirit. His life body given for us becomes His life in us and as us. This is to say His Spirit manifests in our being and each of us become a unique representation of Him. This is how the Kingdom of God is built and it is how we become sons of God in spirit and in truth. He has actually come in our flesh. You better believe it. And live as the sons of God.

(1) Crosby, Stephen. The New Testament Prophet: Understanding the Mind, Temperament, and Calling (Kindle Locations 1311-1315). . Kindle Edition.