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I’ve just received another bit of conspiracy theory from a friend on social media. But in a piece devoted to the attempt to understand the popularity of dumb ideas, I found the following observation. There’s a mindset, it was said, that resents truth and objects to the new, because the new and enlightened presents a challenge to the self-interest, the spin and lie-embedded consciousness that has always held dear. [Hoarders hoard rubbish for the same reason that people cling to rubbish ideas.]


According to the article. Their mindset of the conspiracy addict is distrusting, apathetic and mostly ignorant. It’s a cohort imprisoned in a coma of ‘normality’ that is a distortion of the truth. They like to call this ‘common sense’. But it’s really their conceit. These people cannot bear the thought of replacing their addiction to futile ideas with a vision of a better way.

Quite a few are poorly educated and occupy lower ranks of intelligence – but not all. There are others who are able but lack insight. Their idol is what they’ve already got – an imagined status and identity, which locks them into the preservation of it. The more limited among them, love demagogues because these demagogues condense their fears and push their fear buttons. Such as fear of “others”, fear of fear, fear of change, fear of losing the scarcity mentality that they experience as their religion.

Truth is liberating, equipping and life-giving. Pride and ignorance are life-denying, binding, and blinding. Significantly Jesus has come among us as the way, the truth and the life.


In his book,
The Power of Right Believing, Joseph Prince unveils the advantages of … right belief.

Sincere and innocent people can have their lives dulled by wrong beliefs, even if they are not consciously aware of the error that they have embraced and the polluted sources from which they came. This happens because beliefs morph into a culture. People live and breathe this atmosphere, eat its fruits and it becomes part of their lives. Ideas, in a real way
become us. Which is why Jesus said. ‘Those who eat Me will live because of Me.’

While Christians may not agree about politics or economics, they can have more insight into the world system and its basis in selfishness than living in denial and entitlement.


The gospel of the Kingdom is what Jesus, Paul, John and people like Joseph Prince say it is. Not what we make up. Distorted beliefs become for the Body of Christ, what cancer is to the human body, sapping it of life. They also become the home of spirits of religion attempting to dim the fullness of Christ and impeded the new creation.


Jesus called Himself the way as well as the truth and the life because union with Him effects how we live in the world. Since He is all and in all He will people with the Holy Ghost and wisdom. Grace is not an excuse for folly and stupidity. The Bible says,

‘Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers’ 1 Tim 4.16 NIV.

‘But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine’ 4 Titus 2.1 KJV.

‘They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer’ Acts 2.41 NIV.

Personal holiness is meaningless it it’s only about us. No new creation here.


Right belief is the undoing of Adam and the end of Moses. The new covenant in spirit and in truth is your life and
the trinity in His fullness is in you.

Because Jesus imparts Himself to you His life is yours. You are life itself, holiness, love, grace, wisdom, joy and sons and daughters of God. The new covenant is exclusively Jesus and infinite in spoke. He is the manifestation of the church. He fills reality with His person. So let us be clear and aligned with Jesus. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are a divine conspiracy that creates an ultra-life created order in which you are new beings and the society you make becomes a new creation. Dr Stephen Crosby summarises the radical nature of our new covenant life.


The author of Hebrews tries to get at the magnitude and radicalness of the scope of the change between the two covenants by using the strong language that he/she did. It is not a modification or adjustment of few points of religious methodology. It is not like the seamless change from dawn to noon. No. It is a more glorious and dramatic change. It is a convulsing alteration in the fabric of the created order.” (1)

One would hope that such a state of being and vision would rise above the perceived right to kill the earth.