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What counts in life is not working harder but working smarter. The gift of smartness in not ours for the purpose of manipulating or controlling others. We are given ability to serve others by multiplying life, lifting burdens and liberating people from false ideas and other bondages. Yet service is not the highest priority of living. The top virtue comes from being - from being who we are as sons and daughters of God. As our real self in Christ we multiply life as who we were created to be and who we are becoming in Christ.

All spirit and life multiplying service comes come from who we are in God. You are I AM as yourself when you are ‘I am’ in God. This is already so because Christ is your life.


There are those who are more reflective than others and those who are more practical than others. Yet life is not found in mere reflection just as it is not possessed by obsessive activity. There are beliefs and ideas that are vain and practices that are third rate or futile. In the so-called secular sphere what we do is more fruitful when it the result of wisdom and beneficial to all when it is done by surveying the evidence rather than ignoring it.

The earth is filled with God in Christ.

‘And the same one who descended is the one who ascended higher than all the heavens, so that he might fill the entire universe with himself’ Eph 4.10 NIV.

In the Kingdom of God there is no sacred or secular realm. All of life is the province of God and there to be filled with the presence of Jesus. Service defined as ‘service’ is less fruitful than spontaneous activity that is spirit and life. Jesus is not ‘us busy’ any more than a marrow you planted is you. The ability to release light and life comes from one place alone. The position where we are one with our Father because Jesus Christ is our life.


In the old testament we find the words, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ In the new testament He lives in us in fullness. We do not necessarily need to be still to be possessed by God, since He is with us and in us. Nevertheless, we are blessed by solitude, stillness and reflection because we get a chance to take stock and assess what we have done and where we are going. This is the purpose of the retreat. In any case our bodies need rest and we are refreshed by spending time with the people of the Lord - particularly those who have a genuine relationship with the person of Jesus, who are Spirit filled and in the habit of ministering His life to themselves and to others.


I met a friend with whom I had been in fellowship in early years. Never one for insight, he told me that he was now a Baptist, as though this was a medal he could wear. I wondered if he knew that it was Jesus who was his life, his identity and that in Jesus, Arthur (not his real name) was a son of God. Not just notionally but in spirit and in truth.

We can live inside a thimble of self-made identity. Any such fixation obstructs our relationship with Jesus and suffocates who we are actually are as sons. With Christ as our life, we can become a true self and gain an identity as a real daughters or son.

By sitting at Jesus’ feet Mary gained revelation on who Jesus was and who she was. Genuine identity is found in Jesus. Never in externalities, ethnicities and religious ascriptions. Union with God is always ours. But only our possession when our identity is exclusively Jesus. Jesus never said, ‘I and Judaism are one,’ because this is not what He lived from and not what Father wanted Him to say. Jesus said, ‘ I and My Father are one.’ You can say the same because this is your identity in Jesus. In this identity of union with God, you access the infinity of the universe. Look for an identity in some other quarter and we make ourselves a pale phantom of who we really are.