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To know God and to know ourselves is to know Jesus Christ. He is truly the light that shines in the darkness and the light that discriminates between what is good theology and what is a concoction of the evil one. Any theology that deviates from the incarnation is deviant being a product of the factory of the anti-christ.

A crooked god produces crippled people.


We are able to know Jesus as Jesus is, if we are intent on knowing Him for Himself and not as a means to pump up an identity that we think we have in some aberration that is another gospel. Another gospel to which we think we have access as a result of some special revelation that has come to us in addition to the apostles doctrine.


The Gospel of the Kingdom is not an abstraction because it is not mere words. It is in fact THE WORD who is Jesus of Nazareth who weaves us into the being of God. Just as Jesus Christ is one substance with the Father, so we are one substance with Jesus and as such one substance with God. We are sons.


The law is irrelevant because it did its work as a schoolmaster to lead to Christ. You need to dispense with it now that the Reality has come if you are not to be entangled in humbug and side-tracked into irrelevance. The presence of God in you is direct.

Christ is your life and His Spirit has come in your flesh. Foolish the person who ignores this and goes off on a tangent made of second rate life or what needs to be more accurately called degrees of death.

Jesus is not among us by the Spirit to manufacture an edifice of religion to which we are to conform. Jesus is among us and in us to become us so that we are the expression of His Person.


Torrance asserts that, “Jesus Christ is the one place given to us within space and time where we may know God the Father, for it is only in him, the only begotten Son of the Father, that the very Nature of God is revealed and that we may draw near to him through his reconciling and saving activity and know him in accordance with his Nature.

Thus the Incarnation constitutes the one actual source and the one controlling centre of the Christian doctrine of God, for he who became man in Jesus Christ in order to be our Saviour is identical in Being and Nature and Act with God the Father revealed in and through him.

He is not some created intermediary between God and the world but the very Word and Son of God who eternally inheres in the Being of God so that for us to know God in Jesus Christ, and to know him as the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, is really to know God as he is in himself in his eternal Being as God and in the transcendent Love that God is. He is in himself no other than what he is toward us in his loving, revealing and saving presence in Christ.” (1)


If we have been socialised into beliefs other than this it is probable that what we have is not the Christian doctrine of God but a sub-christian doctrine of God that robs God of who God is and robs people of who they could become -sons of God.

(1) Page 17, The Christian Doctrine of God.