His Kingdom in you and the world

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When Jesus cried. “It is finished!” the separation that Adam had begun was finished. ‘As in Adam all died in Christ all had been made alive.’ This union with God is there for all who heed the invitation to ‘Come to Me’. When Jesus invites all to come to Him, He has invited the whole world to come to God’s Embrace in the person of His Son.


You are forgiven before you repent. Repentance is coming to the cross in abandonment of all forms of self-worthiness to accept the union with God and worthiness that is already yours in Christ.

Repent of our Adam to embrace our Christ.


We cannot earn Christ. We do not need to. He has earned us with His body and blood. Don’t submit to a pernicious kind of self-salvation in which you earn acceptance with Christ. You don’t. You are already accepted. Live in this union and you will come to like God as well and not fear God in a morbid sense. You will come to like yourself because you will absorb the reality that God likes you and loves you for yourself.

God’s love is real. “In refusing to spare his dear Son but in delivering him up in atoning sacrifice for us all, God the Father reveals that he loves us with the very Love which he bears to himself, and that with Jesus Christ he freely gives us all things. If God is for us in this way what can come between us? And in giving us his one Spirit who proceeds from the Father through the Son and sheds abroad in our hearts the very Love which God himself is, God reveals that there is nothing that can ever separate us from him in his Love.” (1)

In living from Christ in the form that He is our life, we take on the truth about God and ab0ut ourselves that undoes the lies of Satan. These are the lies that have been absorbed to be practised in self-effort religion and spread about by latter-day money-changers. Careers have been made by offering ‘their way’ as a substitute for the One Living Way that is Christ our life.

Drive the money-changers out of your life.

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or being loving is to simply become loving. As we love God, ourselves, and others out of the fullness of our participation in the triune God, the world will see that Jesus Christ has been sent by the Father” (John 17:20-26). (1)

(1) Gregory A. Boyd. Repenting of Religion: Turning from Judgment to the Love of God (Kindle Locations 1071-1074). Kindle Edition.